September 22, 2023
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Author's Interview

Author Spotlight: D.J. Adamson and Her Captivating Works

Hello and Welcome to our exclusive interview with D.J. Adamson, Meet the talented author behind the captivating novel “Into The Storm.” With a passion for storytelling and an uncanny ability to transport readers into thrilling worlds, D.J. Adamson has emerged as a rising star in the literary space. In this interview, we delve into the intriguing story behind D.J. Adamson’s Book “Into The Storm,” to uncover the author’s writing journey and gain valuable insights into her creative process.

You can find a compelling story in “Into The Storm” that has drawn attention for its interesting plot and well-rounded characters. As readers delve into the pages of the book, they are swept away by the stormy atmosphere, feeling the tension and intrigue that unfold throughout the story.

In this in-depth conversation, D.J. Adamson reveals her inspiration behind “Into The Storm,” the challenges she encountered while crafting the story, and the messages she hopes readers will take away from it. From discussing her writing style and influences to sharing her advice for aspiring authors, this interview offers a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a talented writer.

Join us as we embark on this literary journey and explore the fascinating world of D.J. Adamson and her captivating novel, “Into The Storm.”

But First, Who is D.J. Adamson

D.J. Adamson

D.J. Adamson is the author of seven suspense novels. Her Lillian Dove Mystery Series, which revolves around the escapades of amateur detective Lillian Dove has earned First Category awards. In 2021, she was recognized for her gripping Suspense Crime thriller Into the Storm and nominated for a Clue Award. Her writing often combines psychology, paranormal, metaphysical, and science fiction elements.. Alongside writing novels, Dj publishes the online book review magazine Le Coeur de l’Artiste. She interviews with featured authors from the magazine on her blog, L’Artiste.

D.J. Adamson’s Books:

Book Nerdection Interviews D.J. Adamson:

  1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started as a writer?

My first poem was published when I was twelve years old. While I find poetry difficult to write, my interest in literature was expanded by my parents who encouraged my reading, and my mother who stimulated my imagination. She and I would watch Saturday Night at the Movies on television every Saturday night. When The Day the Earth Stood Still played, I announced how fascinated I was that there may be others in existence beyond us. And she turned to me and said, very seriously, “You know that really happened.” It wasn’t the last time she stimulated my imagination and the possibility there was a world out there to still be experienced and understood. “Be open to possibilities.”

  1. What inspired you to write “Into The Storm”? Can you share the story behind the book?

Writing for me is a skill of continual learning. Just as artists continue to use other methods and materials with paintings, I work to change-up the way I tell a story. With “Into the Storm” I took the word “alien” and stretched it in its definitions by offering a perspective of an event from several different characters. Taking the adage that we don’t all see and perceive in the same way, a tornado hits a small midwest city, and the storm stirs up the awareness of illegal trafficking, those in our society who are thought alien to the norm and are brutally bullied, and the reality vs. irrational possibilities of extraterrestrials.

  1. How would you describe the main themes or messages in your book?

Writers pen stories not only because they want to entertain, but they feel they have something to say. Take the “Wizard of Oz.” Most think the central theme is that there is no place like home. But, this is actually a minor theme. The author explores a major theme of Happiness. I wanted my readers to realize how a simple word like alien can create a perceived reality, which may not be based in fact. Why are we so afraid of those things unknown, different from ourselves? Or why do we ignore those alien values living right next door, or in this case, hired as the Police Chief of Pinkerton, Iowa?

  1. Are there any specific challenges you faced during the writing process? How did you overcome them?

Humor creates the breaks necessary to take on the more serious concepts of a story. Humor becomes my challenge when writing and pacing. I want to give the reader time to breathe and relax before moving to the next profound moment in the story. Life does this for us, we as writers work to copy life.

  1. Can you share any interesting or memorable experiences you had while writing or promoting your book?

Yes. One reader wrote to tell me they had an experience similar to the one I presented in the book. They saw something in the clouds during a storm that they couldn’t recognize. Or explain.

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  1. What do you hope readers will take away from “Into The Storm” after reading it?

I hope to have expanded the reader’s imagination or perception as my mother did for me. “What is alien, and why do I label this person, a situation I don’t understand as alien?”

  1. Beyond “Into The Storm,” you have written other books as well. Could you tell us a bit about your other works and how they differ from or complement each other?

The Lillian Dove Mystery Series is an amateur sleuth suspense series. First published in 2013, I was inspired by a situation in my father’s family, and I gave my protagonist Lillian sobriety. But, Lillian finds having stopped drinking much easier than taking on life anew. The series follows the twelve steps in taking on life—adding a little mystery to encourage her revelations.

  1. Are there any particular authors or books that have influenced your writing style or storytelling approach?

Having taught literature and writing for over twenty-five years, the list of authors and books is too long. However, if someone is interested in them, I would suggest reading Jose Saramago’s book “ Blindness,” where he takes that one word and stretches it in different ways. By the way, Saramago is a Nobel Prize Winning author. Or pick up Kurt Vonnegut’s book “Slaughterhouse-Five.” Vonnegut placed a science-fiction element into a serious book on WWII. Or, if neither of those inspires you, as they did me, just read. As Stephen King stated in his book “On Writing”, read those books good and bad so you can see the difference.

  1. What advice would you give to aspiring authors who are looking to pursue a career in writing?

Quit saying “I always wanted to,” or “I wish,” and do. Whether that is writing or any other creative aspect of yourself. Find someone to mentor you in the process. If you don’t know someone, I am happy to encourage you along. Your readers may contact me at I respond to every message. Have them place the word “mentor” in the subject area.

  1. Can you provide any insights into your future writing projects? Are there any upcoming works or ideas you can share with your readers?

I am usually working on three books concurrently. “Cookin’ Up Murder” will release this November. A cozy mystery set in Oregon with a detective of an investigative agency who comes across the owner of a donut shop fallen over into a donut fryer. Accident or Murder? “Without a Doubt,” the fifth Lillian Dove Mystery, will release in 2024., And I have started researching “Weathered”, the crime, sci-fi to follow “Into the Storm.”

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