December 8, 2023
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It Starts With Us-Light Romance To Make You CoHo’s Fan

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

 “Nerdection Worth to read”

It Starts With Us is a romance novel written by Colleen Hoover. It is the sequel to her best-selling novel, It Ends With Us.

The book revolves around the life of Lily Bloom after her divorce and how destiny had an extraordinary person planned for her in the shape of Atlas Corrigan.

It Starts With Us is told from the point of view of Lily Bloom and Atlas Corrigan.

Spoiler-Free Plot:

Lily Bloom multitasks everything from being a floral shop owner, a single mother, and co-parenting with her ex-husband. Her abusive ex-husband cannot simply understand the fact that his and Lily’s paths are separate now. Lily is miserable in her life due to her ex-husband. But when she has an encounter with her first love, she realizes that all the drama and disarray in her life has only just begun.

Lily meets her first love and teenage sweetheart named Atlas after her divorce.

Atlas Corrigan was the 17-year-old homeless boy Lily helped when she was 15. Circumstances led Atlas and Lily to part ways as children but Lily never let Atlas slip away from her heart.

Atlas is ready to take Lily into his life more than ever. But Lily is afraid of her ex-husband who already thinks of Atlas as the person who ruined His and Lily’s marriage.

Atlas also had a past that shaped him into the best version of himself. It Starts With Us, in its 37 chapters, tells the story of Lily and Atlas and how fate and circumstances eventually worked in their favor and brought these two lovers together again. It is a light-hearted read for Atlas-Lily shippers.

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My Take on It Starts With Us:

If you were a die-hard shipper of Lily and Atlas in “It Ends With Us”, you will probably enjoy this book.

It Starts With Us can be considered a light read with moments of intensity now and then. Atlas Corrigan made readers’ hearts melt.

The relationship and chemistry that Atlas and Lily have as adults are immediate, given how good together they were as teenagers. The way Atlas takes care of Lily, and how comfortable she feels when she is with him, is heart-warming. Atlas’ caring nature is incredibly significant to Lily because neither her Dad nor Ryle ever protected her or made her feel safe.

Colleen Hoover has written Atlas Corrigan as one of the best fictional characters out there. Atlas is kind, caring, and adorable. He handles his relationship with Lily with maturity and reality. That is why Lily was ready to give him a second chance.

Colleen knows exactly how to spin unique stories for readers to enjoy. Her mesmerizing writing can make you a die-hard fan of hers. She wrote this novel with a description and swoon that compares to no one else.

If you want to read a contemporary romance that is light, funny, and witty, go and read this book, because this book will make you its fan!

“Thank you. What is it?”
“Our weekend special, ” Atlas says. “It’s called why are you avoiding me pasta.”

About the Author of It Starts With Us

Colleen Hoover is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of twenty two novels and novellas. Hoover’s novels fall into the New Adult and Young Adult contemporary romance categories, as well as psychological thriller. 

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