September 30, 2023
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Ultimate Guide: The Best book gifts Ideas For Book Lovers

Gift giving can be difficult, especially book Gifts. There are those among us who are blessed with an uncanny ability to know just what others want and need, but the rest of us often find ourselves scratching our heads when it comes to gift ideas. If you’re in need of something to give the avid reader in your life, whether they’re an old high school friend or someone you work with every day, check out these unique book-themed gifts they’ll actually use.

Book Gifts that will Scratch Their Bibliophile Itch

Book lovers have a deep connection to books. From the smell of a new book to the feel of their favorite novel, there’s something about reading that makes them come alive. The following are some great book-themed gifts for bibliophiles that will help scratch that itch and make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

1) Give your friend an extensive gift card from their favorite bookstore so they can choose any book they want. There is a lot of options for this but the most obvious and the easiest one is Amazon Gift Cards, you can go with a physical card that you can give yourself or you can also custom these gift cards for the occasion and send them Via Email which is really easy and sweet at the same time.

2) Pick out a special edition hardcover copy of one of their favorite classics or even find an ebook version for them so they can start reading immediately on their smartphone or tablet. for this you can check websites like, if you are in the UK or for global with free shipping to almost everywhere you can check out with it’s huge collection of books. if you are still struggling with this, here are some recommendations for special editions we recommend checking out.

The Lord of the Rings: Special Edition

The latest and newest Edition of the famous The lord of the Rings Book By J.R.R. Tolkien, that just came out this year 2022, is high contender in the list. with all three books in this one huge collectable book.

Jane Austen Boxed Set (Word Cloud Classics)

For the Jane Austen Fans, or for the classic romance genre readers, you can never go wrong with this Jane Austen Box set. there is definitely a lot of other choices. but this one Collection has the aesthetic of an amazing gift.

Harry Potter: The Blueprints

For the Harry Potter Fan this latest Book that has the blueprints that showcases the work of the artists who laid the foundation for the visually enchanting buildings, homes, rooms, and settings from all eight Harry Potter films

3) Grab a few of their favorite reads and wrap them up in festive paper, making it look like a present.

4) If you know what genre they prefer, get them a subscription box filled with mystery novels or thrillers.

5) If they are someone who prefer listening to reading you can give them an Amazon Audible subscription. this one is easy, just customize your digital card and send it to their Email.

Give Them A Reason To Keep Reading

We all know someone who loves reading. Maybe it’s you, or a friend, or your spouse. As an avid reader myself, I’m always on the lookout for more books to read and new ways to get the most of my reading time. Kindle E-reader might be one of the best ways to read, some people don’t even know how much they need it until they try it. Maybe you or the one you are buying for have already tried it and have an old version of it, Amazon comes with new Versions and upgrades all the time. here is a simple comparison of the essential Kindle upgrades.

  • 6.8'' Glare Free Screen 

  • 8-16 GB storage

  • 300 ppi

  • 17 LEDs

  • 7" glare-free

  • 8 GB or 32 GB

  • 300 ppi

  • 25 LEDs

  • 10.2" glare-free

  • 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB

  • 300 ppi

  • 35 LEDs

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book Gifts Ideas Under $20 From Amazon:

You can never have too many books and book lovers are always looking for something new to read. Here are seven gifts that book lovers will actually use. Such as Book light – A book light will save your favorite reader from having to squint in the dark. Kindle Unlimited Subscription – Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription service that gives readers access to over one million titles and thousands of audiobooks on any device they choose. And one of my favorite Book Marks – there is just so many to chose from and there is some that have Inspirational Quotes that can make the day for your reader friend.







Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light


Reading Journal


Wearable Fleece Blanket


Kindle Gift Card


Reading Glasses


Book Ends 



Give Them Clothes:

Clothes are always good, who doesn’t need a new shirt or a hat from time to time, you can never stop needing clothes because it’s a survival necessity. jokes aside, there is a lot of clothes options to chose from, but you would need to put the style of who you are buying for in consideration. usually a shirt is the easiest answer. there is alot of bookish themed clothes everywhere. and here are some of our top recommendations.

1- Amazon: Was it Amazon US or Amazon UK, or any other Amazon global store, just write Bookish clothes in the search box and Viola, there is hundreds of thousands of style to chose from.

2- Nerdection: We have our own cloth store dedicated for book lovers, you can’t find our designs anywhere else because it’s made by us. you can’t go wrong giving your bookish friend an exclusive store design.

What ever you decide at the end just know this: “gift matters”, but know at the end of the day, the thoughts is all that counts, if you thought hard about what to give your friend, your loved ones of your bookish co-worker, you did a good job. just give them what you in your heart think they will be happy getting.

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