December 8, 2023
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Chaos in Nanosia
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Chaos in Nanosia By Rhonda Denise Johnson – A Journey of Overcoming Fears

Author: Rhonda Denise Johnson

Genre: Fantasy/science fiction

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth To Read”

The Nanosia series is continued in Chaos in Nanosia, Book 4 by Rhonda Denise Johnson. It is a book that centers on the life of Zap, Lacus’s water wizard apprentice. Zap is a young boy without magical abilities who just wants to be regular. His instructor tries to teach him how to use a water wand so that he might succeed him when he passes away, but his aversion to water keeps holding him back. Though this book is a continuation of the Nanosia series, however, it can be read and enjoyed alone.

Spoiler-Free plot

As a result of a promise he made to his mother, Zap is forced to take on the burden of learning how to use water magic. Additionally, his father wants him to develop control over fire. Zap, meanwhile, simply wishes to maintain his normalcy and lack of magical abilities. However, certain circumstances lead him to the same part that he had always been trying to avoid. Despite his master’s effort to teach him how to master his power over magic, he is still frightened.

At the beginning of the book, Zap runs away from his master and goes to Jawan and Myrlo to complain to them about his master wanted to kill him. He was frightened and suspected that his master, Lacus tried to drown him even when he was supposed to be trained to have control over water. Jawan and Myrlo find statements rather funny as they remind him that Lacus was not the kind of man to hurt people. They also found it funny how someone would be running away from his destiny.

Alecto, the force of unending rage, eventually succeeds in killing Lacus. When Turbatius, the spirit of disorder, sends Alecto to wreak havoc on Hadley Town, where Zap lived, with the storm of her wrath, Zap is left with no choice but to keep both his mother’s and father’s promise. Despite his worries, Zap is meant to save the planet from the spirit of chaos.

The storm is causing the other mages to be at a loss for what to do, so Jawan, Zap’s friend, and Myrlo, the Earth Mage’s travel companion, trick Zap into going to Nanosia in the hopes of finding a solution there. The fourth kingdom in Nanosia, the Realm of Chaos, is where they discover Turbatius.

Zap must master his control over fire and water if he wants to overcome Turbatius. Turbatius is powerful and needs more than a little push to be defeated. Will Zap be able to control his ability to manipulate fire and water? Will he be able to defeat Turbatius even if he succeeds? Will he overcome his fears, or will he succumb to them?

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My take on Chaos in Nanosia

Chaos in Nanosia is an unpredictable and suspenseful book. All mystery readers who enjoy having a little style in their reading should read this book. In the universe of Nanosia, the book examines themes of disarray, bewilderment, and unpredictability. The novel’s characters deal with fresh difficulties and conflicts that put their security and stability in jeopardy.

Rhonda Denise Johnson expertly and passionately tells the story of a young boy in the book. The author’s writing is exuberant and flows from one idea to the next. The author is able to demonstrate that, despite all odds, we can overcome our phobias.

Allow your instincts to go wild and give this book a shot. You won’t look back on this choice with regret.

About The Author Of Chaos in Nanosia

When the writer in Rhonda Denise Johnson meets the reader in you, there is magic. An idea percolates in her head telling her a story is there, and she must write it. Rhonda imagines you, the reader, smiling, laughing, hollering at her characters, or remembering something in your life, and she gets a good feeling. It’s like when you know your purpose in life, and it’s something that affects people in a good way.

As a reader, Rhonda is fascinated by well-written fantasy novels. As a writer, She finds that magic naturally works its way into her stories.

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