September 30, 2023
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Writing Professional Emails
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Writing Professional Emails: A Step-by-Step Guide by Michelle Swann-A Review

Author: Dr. Michelle Swann

Genre: Educational – Professional

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to read”

In the present era, when every brand and every company uses Emails for communicating, not knowing how to write a professional email can be harmful and yield disastrous outcomes.

The market is flooded with books aimed at professional email writers. But I read a book that was incredible and explained all the concepts and techniques of professional email writing nicely. This book is “Writing Professional Emails: A Step-by-Step Guide” and is written by “Michelle Swann”. I have compiled the essential aspects that make this book relevant for all the people out there. So let’s dive into the review!

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Why Should You Read Writing Professional Emails?

Unlike many writers who do not have hands-on experience in the books they are writing, Dr. Michelle Swann is proficient and knows what she is writing. In her professional life, not only does she teach writing to academic business and English Communication, but was also responsible for attending to thousands of emails written. She also took various email writing courses and researched all the available resources for professional email writing. So it is safe to say that the writer is adept at writing professional emails.

The writer emphasizes that without getting proper training for professional email writing, your company is bound to its doom. She says that the importance of professional email writing is evident as today, more than half of British companies provide instructions to managers and employees on email writing.

In this book, the writer not only tells us how an ideal professional email should look but also tells us about the common and rare mistakes people make during email writing.

The guidebook is comprehensive in the way that the writer has devoted separate chapters on the mistakes in writing the beginning, the body, and the ending of an email. She makes sure that the readers understand every minute detail of email writing.

Michelle Swann proceeds to tell the advantages of email communication for businesses, the importance of using the right words, the formality level, using perfect grammar and punctuation, and how these things affect the email writing process. I was impressed by how the writer told the importance of cultural IQ and emotional IQ in writing a professional email. 

Though this book is better than many, what makes it the best is the way Michelle Swann organized the topics and chapters. The use of clear headings, indexing, and categorization makes it easier for readers who want to focus more on only one chapter. Michelle Swann also wrote summaries at the end of each chapter as well as a summary for the whole book. This makes this book the best fit for people who skim through books. 

Michelle Swann writes that for writing emails, the unique brand voice and style should be taken into account. Writing a fluff-free email and avoiding casual wording should be the main part of writing a professional email. Using slang and small talk will eventually leave a bad taste in the email reader’s mouth.

Michelle Swann was successful in writing a guidebook that is well-researched, well-cited, and covers all the subjects of writing a professional email. The techniques and methods of email writing are practical, latest, and comprehensive. Overall, this book should be read by everyone to get insights on how to write a perfect professional email. Even if you think you know the ups and downs of email writing, you should still read this book as you may get to know more aspects of email writing.

I enjoyed reading this book, but one thing that could be improved is how Michelle Swann writes extensively about each topic. The book was not concise and it seemed that everything written was all over the place. While each paragraph should be written on a single sub-topic, this was not the case for this book.

Overall, I consider this book a great read, increases knowledge, and is worth your time.

About the Author of Writing Professional Emails: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dr. Michelle Swann

Dr. Michelle Swann worked at universities in Switzerland and Canada. She now runs a
consultancy business and writes books. Her recent book, Writing Professional Emails: The Step by-Step Guide, results from considerable research on email communication. Dr. Michelle Swann
became interested in email when she found herself responsible for dealing with a public media
storm over a research project she was involved with. In short, she dealt with hundreds of emails
a day and needed to find an efficient system for handling large volumes of emails. Dr. Michelle
Swann’s Ph.D. looked at how the most expensive schools in the world marketed themselves
historically and how the Swiss Tourism Agency marketed Switzerland as a country of natural born educators to support their private school-based tourism business. She has taught teachers
in training the history of education, schooling, and childhood. She has also taught classes in
popular culture and international relations. In her spare time, she sails, rows, and hikes.

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