September 30, 2023
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The Song of The Fae
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The Song of The Fae: Adult Fantasy Romance You Won’t Want To Put Down

Author: E. H. Jahr

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

Fated Romance? Enemies to lovers? Dark curses and powerful magic? Check for all in The Song of The Fae, a slow-burn adult fantasy romance written by E. H. Jahr. If you aren’t into the genre already, now’s the best time to grab this book and do so. Because this book is sure to go all the way up in your favorites list! Keep reading for the no-spoiler plot of The Song of The Fae.

Spoiler Free Plot of The Song of The Fae

Cresea, ruled by the heartless fae, has no place for humans who practice magic. In fact, it’s strictly forbidden. Not that humans have magic anyway.

Kiera, an ordinary baker’s daughter, is an exception. She has been healing people through her magic for as long as she remembers. However, she tries hard to conceal her powers from the vicious fae. One day though, a faerie discovers her secret. And he is none other than the fae prince of Cresea.

By law, Prince Dorian has every right to arrest her. Surprisingly, he doesn’t. Instead, he offers her a bargain if she wants to keep her powers a secret: Live in the royal palace with Dorian, where he’ll teach her to use her magic. In return, the prince will owe her one favor — that he will only reveal when the right time approaches.

Kiera knows that her secret is already revealed, and the alternative would be to get arrested. So she yields.

As she starts a new life at the palace with the charming Prince Dorian, her stoic beliefs about the fae begin to change. Moreover, she learns that powers even darker than the ordinary fae are stirring. Ancient wild animals thought to be extinct long ago terrorize the villages. The soil is becoming dead and barren. Food shortages prevail.

But what bothers her the most is her, and the prince’s, growing attraction towards each other. This shouldn’t be happening, because the women who become close to the prince ultimately suffer or worse, die.

In this fantasy romance, The Song of The Fae, you will journey to the royal palace of Cresea; where a fiercely determined Kiera and an enchanting Dorian will steal your heart away, and the rising upheaval in Cresea will keep you hooked from the beginning all the way to the ending.

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My take on The Song of The Fae

The plot of The Song of The Fae was quite fresh for a fantasy romance.

The romance was enemies-to-lovers in a loose sense (after all, how can you call Dorian an enemy?) and slow burn, and if you are a goner for fated romance in fantasy, you will absolutely love this one. You will also be delighted with the back and forth banter between Dorian and Kiera.

Kiera: ‘I know my place in the world.’
Dorian: ‘Your place is here with me.’

The world building was elaborate. In a world ruled by fae and humans are subjugated, the universe of The Song of The Fae felt a lot like a dystopian, where the commoners want to overthrow the (not-so) evil rulers. Fans of the Red Queen and Defy the Night series would certainly be thrilled by this aspect. The good thing is that the world building never dominates the main plot, and the story flows naturally for you to be pulled along in it.

Yet, the breakdown of the climax in The Song of The Fae was kind of abrupt, I would have liked to be given hints of it here and there.
Yet when you’re finally told Prince Dorian’s story, oh… you feel kind of lost. Surprise is a small word for it and there’s no way you can guess what’s coming at all.

The fae ‘species’ in The Song of The Fae weren’t the usual dark, villainous creatures from your regular fae fantasy. There were actually some I found quite friendly, and that’s saying something about fae.

Coming to the characters Kiera’s character was a little bland for my taste in the beginning. I also think she admonished Dorian more than he actually deserved (I may be a little biased in favor of Dorian) and had only a shred of willpower. What I liked though, was that her character was dynamic and she grew — from being a simple village girl to becoming a brave and selfless person — and I finally began to connect with her in the middle of The Song of The Fae.

However, in The Song of The Fae ‘s Dorian was a refreshing character in the sense he had a distinctly noble personality for a Fae prince. Cardan Greenbriar from the Folk of The Air series can keep his wickedness, thank you very much. In comparison, Dorian was quite the Prince Charming, and I’m disappointed that he only got to have one chapter in the book. I’m sure you will effortlessly fall in love with Prince Dorian too.

“Watching women fight monsters really does it for you, doesn’t it?” Kiera smirked.
Dorian chuckled. “Watching you, looking so confident, so determined, so unrestrained, that certainly did something to me.”

He was also a devout ruler and always put his one-hundred percent for Cresea. It broke my heart to know how much he was trying to do for his kingdom, but couldn’t.

“I’m not asking as your brother, I’m ordering you as your ruler. I made a promise when I took the crown to put my people before anyone else. If I die, you will make the same one. I love you, but as long as I sit on this throne my first duty is always to Cresea.”

Erik, Dorian’s guard and friend, was also an interesting character to read and reminded me of Tiernan from The Stolen Heir. Both certainly shared the same broody nature, despite being good from the inside.

What’s more, I’m positive you will cherish the concept of ‘mating bond’ and magic sharing between mates. Moreover, the tension of the local politics and the skirmishing between the fae and the humans will keep you on edge.

Furthermore, E H Jahr is a great writer, her finesse in storytelling shows through her killer dialogues and realistic characters in this debut.

Overall, The Song of The Fae is an excellent adult fantasy romance with an epic plot and memorable characters. It’s a tale of love lost and found, and then lost again, of demonic power and curses and healing magic.

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About The Author Of The Song of The Fae

E. H. Jahr is a writer from Rhode Island. She likes to explore personal emotions and relationships in her work, using epic fantasy settings to tell important stories. When she isn’t writing she chases her toddler and walks her dog (although that could be reversed) throughout the beautiful New England landscape. This is her first novel.

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