May 29, 2023
Book Reviews Fantasy Romance

The Song of The Fae: Adult Fantasy Romance You Won’t Want To Put Down

Fated Romance? Enemies to lovers? Dark curses and powerful magic? Check for all in The Song of The Fae, a slow burn adult fantasy romance written by E H Jahr.

Book Reviews Fantasy Romance

Secrets: Mysteries of the Sìd: Powerful Fae Fantasy

As book readers, we all want to read fae books filled with action, adventure, and twists. Secrets-Mysteries of the Sìd is one book for all the fae fantasy lovers out there. Translated from German and written by  Maria

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Cenotaphs – There is no expiration date on healing a soul

Ben Sanna is a “wise, old man” known in his quaint town for adopting the role of uncertified psychologist. On what starts out as a day like any other, he meets Samantha—Sam—Becket, a hedge fund manager from the

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Bone People: Whimsical Horror story You Will Love

The Bone People written by Wally Runnels is a whimsical horror Novella that was published in 2022. This is an amazing book with quirky characters, hooking dialogues, and a killer plot. This is one of the few horror

Book Reviews Thriller

Lethal Connections: The Poison ID Unit By Karen Fuller

Lethal Connections is a 2023 crime fiction that revolves around the mysterious killings in St. Bernard Parish in Chalmette, Louisiana. Lance Knight, a sergeant of the St. Bernard Sheriff Department, is saddled with the responsibility to solve this


Latest Book Reviews People Suck By Mark Drolsbaugh – An insightful yet hilarious read March 26, 2023 Woman in the Wheelhouse by Nancy Taylor Robson March 25, 2023 SYMUTAL By Dean Alexandrou: An Exciting SciFi for AI obsessed

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The Iron Fey Series: Exclusive Review With Reading Order

The Iron Fey is a YA fantasy series that started in 2010. Written by Julie Kagawa, this internationally acclaimed saga is a must read for lovers of faeries. With three independent series and a grand total of 10

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Best Fantasy Books Marathon: The Best Series for Non-Stop Reading

Are you a fantasy books enthusiast who enjoys getting immersed in grand tales and vivid settings? Are you constantly searching for your next fantastic binge-read? Look nowhere else! For non-stop reading, we’ve collected a list of the Best

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Best Fantasy Mystery Books to keep you Intrigued

If you are a fantasy reader who also loves a hint of some mystery, we’ve got your back, here are our top picks of the Best Fantasy Mystery Books you can find as of 2022, from Lighthearted to

Book Reviews Fantasy Romance

A Look At The Alpha Series By Moonlight Muse

When I was experiencing a moment of being obsessed with werewolf books, I came across this series. Lol, I should say I’m still in that phase though. Moonlight muse has a form of writing which is eloquent, seductive