December 8, 2023
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Peter Crane Mountain Goat by Karen R. Maharaj A coming-of-age story

Author: Karen R. Maharaj

Genre: Fiction

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

As a kid, Peter Crane dreams of summiting Snowmass Mountain from his home on Mount Sopris. Leading his herd all the way up to Snowmass’ lofty peaks; an impossible height for natural predators to overcome, A place where their peace would always abound. His ambitions drive his pursuit of practical knowledge on mountain goat survival. Under the guidance of his mother and Albert Whitehead, his herd’s leader, Peter is presented with several lessons on life that will demand his discernment if he is to progress into the leadership role that occupies space in his nightly visions.

Spoiler-free Plot

Peter Crane is unlike the other kids in his herd. While the others play, he shows eagerness to learn skills beyond his present level of maturity. Sarah, his nanny, expresses her love for her son by indulging him in his unorthodox wishes. When he claims he is destined to conquer the towering mountain that has claimed the lives of many, more experienced mountain goats who strived for the same victory as her son, she gives him nothing but support and willfully gives whatever guidance she possesses that he will need in order to be successful.

His mother isn’t the only adult mountain goat who invests in Peter’s aspirations. Albert Whitehead’s stamp of approval reinforces Peter’s determination to usher his herd towards greener pastures. And so he hones his skill as he waits for his physicality to catch up to his ambitions over the course of three long years.

Eventually, the commencement day of their journey arrives. Lessons learned through his past experiences are eclipsed by some of the hardships encountered along the treacherous path to safety they have all chosen to embark on. If Peter Crane stumbles under the weight of the challenges that confront him, the well-being of his entire herd could be jeopardized as a consequence. Overcoming his own internal dilemmas will be the only way to finally show his true mettle as the leader chosen to succeed Albert Whitehead, and solidify his growth: spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

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My Take On Peter Crane Mountain Goat

Initial reactions upon hearing an author mention the great amount of inspiration garnered from a previously published, popular book penned by an established author raises a healthy amount of concern within any reader who has encountered such a scenario at least once before. A series of questions follow the announcement, usually found in the book’s preface, in rapid succession:

Just how much inspiration was sourced from book ‘x’? How similar of a derivative will this new read be? Will this book, and its author, measure up to the brilliance, charisma—insert any adjective denoting of praise here—of its predecessor? Truthfully, these were my preliminary thoughts entering the first chapter after reading the preface. Discovering how much, or rather, how little was borrowed from John Livingstone Seagull was a pleasant surprise and a relief wrapped into one.

Karen Maharaj took the skeleton of John Livingstone’s format and made it something entirely her own. What was transferred includes the philosophical nature of the story, the metamorphic journey of the protagonist, and the black and white photos taken of the animal subjects as they go about their lives as detailed in each chapter. Beyond that, everything else is unique to Karen Maharaj’s imaginings.

Peter Crane Mountain Goat was intently written to draw in a broad readership. It is easy to imagine an adult figure reading this story to children even younger than the 12 years of age I have provided in my age rating. Granted, they may not fully comprehend all the complexities of the tale but it is one I can see them growing up with, reading and reflecting on the allegorical messages tucked into Peter Crane’s experiences every few years. Inversely, on the opposite end of the scale, while the summation of the message of this story may be considered rudimentary to mature readers, in the throes of life, human beings often lose sight of the fundamental principles they once held close.

Straying further as they are overwhelmed with the difficulties they find themselves in. A book like Peter Crane Mountain Goat would serve as a reminder of those baseline principles to drive you out of the rut you may be stuck in. Its length, facile legibility and unorthodox method of delivery using animals instead of people allow a universal connection to the plight of the characters, conveniently packaged for almost anyone to digest.

Peter Crane Mountain Goat is a refresher that serves to remind you to reground yourself in order to advance into the next phase of your life, no matter how small the barrier preventing said advancement is perceived to be. It brings positivity into the world. And hopefully inspires introspection which then fuels action that pushes everyone who reads it further along their personal path to fulfillment, whatever that might mean to them.

“Karen R. Maharaj’s ‘Peter Crane Mountain Goat’ seamlessly weaves a unique coming-of-age narrative, skillfully balancing inspiration from a classic while delivering universal messages of introspection and positivity.”

Age Rating

12 years and above

Content Warning

Very mild violence, Spirituality

About The Author Of Peter Crane Mountain Goat

Karen R. Maharaj worked in the healthcare information technology field for over twenty-five years. Karen is also the author of Struck by Reality-A Journey of Awakening, which was written after tragedy catapulted her into becoming an author. In this easy-to-read story, Karen explores overcoming adversity as she parallels her life with the mountain goats who face challenges in their environment and lean on each other as they navigate life.

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