September 30, 2023
Book Reviews Humor SCI-FI

Keyhole by George Morrison: Strap in tight for a galactic adventure

Nick finds himself in trouble. This isn’t the first time he’s slipped up in this exact same way. And knowing the extreme naïveté

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Dead Man’s Pose: A Thrilling Novel Exposing Sydney’s dark underbelly (Audio Book Review)

Savasana, a pose intended to relax the tension from one’s body at the end of their yoga practice, lays Mario Vincenti’s body to

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Book Reviews Fiction Thriller

House of Giral – Past lives catch up to the future

Jo Hart, a Jungian Psychologist by profession, becomes an unwilling participant in a psychedelic drug program upon awakening from a very public psychotic

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Book Reviews Fantasy

Child of a Vanquished Isle by Talia Martini – Can peace be found after unforgivable violence?

Author: Talia Martini Genre: Epic Fantasy Year Published: 2023 Nerdection Rating: “Nerdection Wort to read” Four forces combine to challenge the enslavement of

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Book Reviews Fiction

Cenotaphs – There is no expiration date on healing a soul

Ben Sanna is a “wise, old man” known in his quaint town for adopting the role of uncertified psychologist. On what starts out

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Book Reviews Memoir Non-Fiction

Woman in the Wheelhouse by Nancy Taylor Robson

A tugboat worker bound to his first marriage is a rare find. To find a woman active in the industry in the mid

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Biography Book Reviews Non-Fiction

Running Douglas County: Bringing you closer to a small slice of country heaven

Running Douglas Country is dedicated to everyone who has ever suffered or currently suffers from any kind of chronic pain. Steve Pierce allows

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Book Reviews Mystery Thriller

90 Days by W. Michael Hewitt A countdown to nuclear destruction

Estelle Openwaters, better known as Essie, has a stellar track record in evading assassination attempts, putting her PhD to good use in closing

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Book Reviews Thriller

The Girl in the Blue Blazer by Alretha Thomas

Pamela Carter is a woman on a mission. When we meet her right before an interview, she has one goal and one goal

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Book Reviews Fiction Romance

Team Roommate- A Roommates To Lovers Romance Done Right

On the day of All Hallows Eve, Brendan falls victim to yet another full house robbery, only this time, his apartment lease has

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