December 8, 2023
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Love Love TV by Gabriel Ruesso: A Murder Mystery

Author: Gabriel Ruesso

Genre: Thriller

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

The integral part of reading a murder mystery, my friend, is to cast your suspicions onto nobody and everybody in general, according to my hefty experience. Yet their endings always surprise me to no end, no matter the glasses of cynicism I put on when reading one. And Love Love TV is one such thrilling masterpiece of a murder mystery.

Here’s the no-spoiler plot of this book.

Spoiler Free Plot of Love Love TV

Christopher Jope doesn’t like being a former star celebrity. It’s not that he doesn’t want people to love him, of course he craves love and fame. Unfortunately, fans only see him as his handsome, brooding character — Martin– from a teenage drama show he acted for.

But when the famous romantic reality show Star × Lovers invites Christopher for the next season, he accepts. After all, he may eventually find his true love in one of the twenty contestants going to compete for his heart. And get to revive his falling fame.

However, when one of them suddenly ends up dead on the beach, Christopher knows the show is up to something questionable. Maybe the producers want to soar the ratings. Or even worse: one of the participants is murdering people on the way to Christopher’s heart.

Yet amidst all this chaos, he may be on the verge of finding out his one true love…

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My take on Love Love TV

The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.’ Turns out Oscar Wilde wasn’t wrong with this universal truth, and Love Love TV is an embodiment of his saying. As you will find in this book: mysteries get solved. Love stays a question.

Now enough with me being philosophical, and let’s come to the review!

The Characters: Throughout the book, the reader kind of feels bad for Christopher. All in all, he was a pretty decent character — kind, compassionate, and looking out for true love among the contestants. He’s a great narrator, and I liked reading things from his POV. His desire to straighten up the whole mess of the murders and how he coped with his successes/failures in his career and the show, well, I liked him and oh, I think he deserves a lot, lot better.

Best case scenario, I perform well and catapult myself back into the public eye. Worst case scenario, I meet the love of my life.

Christopher Jope

Ted Anderson, on the contrary, I didn’t like him from the beginning. He was too shady, too dismal, and too passive when it mattered. He did, however, become likable at the end when things unfold.

I’ve spent the past five years of my life, the prime of my career if reality show hosts have such a thing, adding to the world’s garbage.

Ted Anderson

Nevertheless, when it comes to The Writing Ruesso’s finesse in character development shows through, he makes you love his characters and then unlove them within a span of words. An absolute genius of a writer, he is. Notable to mention that the twist at the conclusion was something I bet you wouldn’t be able to guess. Not in a score.

and May I Add that There’s a palpable tension in the plot of Love Love TV. You are so invested in the story, that you’re practically counting the seconds until the next, um, murder happens. I also loved how Ruesso exploits the reality of ‘reality shows’ through the book, their willingness to let bad things happen, and their obsession with ratings.

Overall, it’s a fascinating toe-curling murder mystery that’ll make you punch pillows in anticipation. You may even *unknowingly* binge-read the whole thing in one setting. It’s that good.

“A thrilling murder mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end, Love Love TV delivers unexpected twists and a captivating plot that will leave you hooked.”

Content Triggers

murder, explicit content, cursing, mild violence, LGBTQ rep, suitable for ages 18+.

About The Author Of Love Love TV

Gabriel Ruesso writes books about love, lies, and murder. His debut novel, Love Love TV, is out on paperback and Kindle now.

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