September 22, 2023
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Deflected By Swapnonil Banerjee and Nivedita Majumdar

Author: Swapnonil Banerjee and Nivedita Majumdar

Genre: historical fiction

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

If you’re looking for a historical romance with a twist, Deflected is the book for you. It is clear from the start that a lot of research went into the background and environment where this story took place. 

The historical accuracy and realistic yet passionate account of a forgotten time in the history of Calcutta is mind-boggling and intriguing. So why should you read this book? What do the characters bring to the story? Read this review to find out!

Spoiler-free Summary:

Deflected is a story about people trying to fit in a world filled with cultural differences and friction. Prejudice and racial conflict are predominant in the story, and how love and loyalty will try to overcome it.

It includes interesting historical characters like Radhanath Sidkar, an Indian mathematician who calculated the height of Mount Everest. There is also a fascinating history of the Sepoy mutiny from 1857 to 1858 and the British-occupied Indian rebellion.

The book opens by following Radhanath Sikdar who discovered Mount Everest and the persecution and judgment society placed on the “natives” of India. Even in scientific discovery, Radhanath wasn’t recognized.

The story of Sikdar should have been one of celebration for outstanding mathematical achievements. Instead, it turned into a boiling point of scheming and testing of loyalties to country, principles, and friends.

Interesting characters make the story one of emotional roller-coasting. From Chandrakanta and Sara to Shashibala and his royal highness, Raja Uday Singh, you will find a lot of sympathy in your heart for the heroes of this story while reading the book. 

It is unavoidable that the destiny of all the characters involved in the story will collide and come to a heart-wrenching conclusion. It was evident when the main characters met, there was no turning back from their true feelings (even when a few crazy experiences ensued).

Destiny decided for them when they met again a year later in contrasting circumstances that set the story’s pace. Though it is based on actual events, you can’t help but wish it was just another romantic fantasy story.

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My Take on Deflected

The story gives a complete picture of the setting and background of the different areas where the story unfolds. There is much to learn from a historical perspective for the curious mind—an excellent historical account involving real people.

The story flows from the authors’ pen onto the pages, making it easy to follow along with every nuance and intrigue. Even readers who are easily bored by historical facts will find this book a vivid alternative to learning about the past.

This book is a fantastic read for anyone interested in times long before anyone living today breathed. Fantasy and facts are artistically intertwined, making it an exciting recount of the untold history of that time.

Friendship, loyalty, and love set the tone of the story, which are vital to the successful telling of this compelling historical drama. The tale of undeserved wrongs and the quelling of a scientific mind in the form of a real-life hero give a new perspective.

What stands out in this story is the persistent refusal of the characters to be cast into a role they don’t belong. Apart from the beautiful account of the historical times, it also tells a story of love and how it prevailed regardless of the odds.

It is nearly impossible to put the book down when you start reading it; the captivating story will keep you wanting more. It will be a small wonder if you don’t finish the book in just one or two sittings.

Even though it is a historical account, the story itself is worth reading – the characters come alive as though they’re right in front of you. The romantic part of the story would easily fit into any background or setting; it is all in the way it is told.

The authors made the characters so real in my mind. They must be commended for a well-told story. If you love a romantic story in any setting, this book will keep you interested until the last page. This book is recommended even more so for readers intrigued by historical stories and romantic bygone times.

The only real downside with this book was getting used to the names – I am unfamiliar with traditional Indian names, and so I found it a bit challenging to remember who was who initially. But once the characters were developed, I had no trouble at all.

Audience: Young adults and adults who enjoy romance and historical romance.

About The Author Of Deflected

Swapnonil Banerjee, a theoretical physicist by training, currently lives in the Bay Area. Besides science, he is passionate about storytelling. The subjects he chooses to address range from topics on science, making complex concepts accessible, to a nuanced exploration of people and cultures. Born and brought up in India, he arrived in the US in the early 2000s and has spent the last two decades in various cities across North America.

First-time novel writer Nivedita Majumdar grew up in Calcutta, India. After completing her undergraduate degree in engineering, she arrived in the United States in the year 2000. For the last two decades, she has lived and worked in various cities across North America as an algorithm engineer. She currently resides in the Bay Area with her husband.

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