September 30, 2023
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What is Kindle Rewards? How to get in?

Do you Get your Books From Amazon Usually? Perhaps you are one of the Lucky ones who got invited to the New Kindle Rewards Program Beta.

What is Kindle Rewards?

According to Amazon it’s “A limited access beta program available to a select group of customers“.

For owners of Amazon Kindle devices, Amazon has introduced a new offer. Its name is Kindle Rewards, and it’s now in beta and invite-only. This new initiative seeks to reward readers who purchase print or digital books and accrue points for their purchases. On Kindle books, users can get five points, while paper books only award two points. When enough points have been accumulated, they can be exchanged for credit toward an eBook.

Currently, 300 points will get you $3.00 worth of eBook credit. Amazon will Also be offering temporary deals during which you can earn back two times the points on digital or print purchases was disclosed. They did not, however, specify a timeframe.

How to Get into Kindle Rewards?

Currently the program is invite only and it Apply on a small portion of the Books available on Amazon, to know if you are Eligible you can check by looking at the Kindle Reward page and clicking on one of the books featured on the page, if you can see a big gray books with “Kindle Reward Beta” as a title, then you are one of the Lucky ones.

You Can read more information about the matter on the Kindle Reward Page here.

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