September 30, 2023
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The Threat Below-An Amazing Fantasy That Will Amaze You

The Threat Below is a Young Adult Dystopian Fantasy Fiction written by Jason Latshaw. It is the first book in the series named Brathius History.

Author: Jason Latshaw

Genre: Dystopian – Sci-Fi

Year Published: 2015

Nerdection Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Spoiler-Free Plot:

The book focuses on the story of a 17–year-old girl named Icelyn Brathius and her best friend, Adorane.

The story begins 300 years after “The Great Death”. The Great Death was a mysterious tragedy that cleared out almost all of the human race. The people who managed to remain alive struggled to find some refuge in a place named Mountaintop. The Mountain Top was actually at the top of a high mountain. It was surrounded by a wall. The people are protected from something called “Threat Below” by dense clouds.

Icelyn Brathius is the daughter of the privileged Cognate class. She is the direct descendent of the person who led people 300 years ago up the mountain to find protection.

Now the last humans on Earth are faced with extreme danger. Their most important and precious resource for survival, water is being poisoned. The water is being poisoned by someone down below.

Now the people of Mountaintop have exactly two choices, either to venture down from their sanctuary to face the threat or slowly die.

Thus, Icelyn, her best friend and her intended leave The Mountain Top and travel down through the dense clouds to face The Threat Below to discover why their water supply has become polluted.

Growing up, Icelyn always heard the stories of the Great Death and the destruction it followed. But when Icelyn finds that the stories she has always accepted as the truth might have more to them than she thought, she realizes she might need to uncover more than just the source of the poisoned water, to truly make it possible for her and those she cares about to go on living.

Along the way, Evelyn and her friends discover the truth of their heritage and a great deal about themselves.

These whole ordeal and realizations are enough to make them change their lives.

My Take on The Threat Below:

The Threat Below was an amazing read for me. The characters, plotlines, and the words the writer crafted gently made the book more appealing and mesmerizing.

From the start, there was a mysterious atmosphere that compelled me to read this book as soon as possible. It was just impossible to put down the book in the early going, because the mystery of what the Threat Below actually was, and how humanity came to be stranded on a mountaintop, was too compelling to leave unanswered.

The main character, Icelyn, has a bit of a risk-taker in her and is easily compelled into breaking the rules by her best friend, Adorane, a Veritas. Icelyn was a Cognates. It was an odd match as Cognates were atheists and considered Veritas to be their intellectual inferior who still believe in God.

When the leaders of Mountaintop discover their water is being poisoned, it causes political strife which results in a group of Veritas men, including Adorane, being sent below to what is known as the Cloudline to fix the water problem.

Icelyn follows thinking she can save Adorane but becomes the perceived saviour of those humanity fears the most—The Threat Below.

Icelyn is not only a ‘girl’, but she is a girl with humour, devotion, and the ability to endure major impediments.

This book is a bit of everything. An adventure, a mystery, a moving tale that keeps a reader peeling from page to page. It is honestly, a very entertaining book with a unique storyline that takes you through an entirely different world. A world that is Action-packed and well worth delving into.

The world-building in this novel is outstanding. It seemed that the writer spent a lot of time and deliberation on world-building. The setting is delivered well and the characters understanding of their world is perfectly fitting given the history.

The story is told from different Points of View. The book alternates between the first and third person. It was confusing to understand whose point of view was I reading, but with the passage of pages, I understood the points of view.

What I liked the most was that the story was wrapped up beautifully with enough room to become a series.

Overall, It was a good, fun read and I would love to read more books from the Author.

Do I recommend this Book?

Absolutely Yes and it is a shining 5 stars rating Book. I highly recommend this book.

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