December 8, 2023
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Right For You
Book Reviews Non-Fiction

Right For You: Powerful Mindset Refashioning Book

Author: Lindsay Gordon

Genre: Nonfiction – Self Help

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

For people looking to read a career-coaching book that is concise and practical, now is the right time to read Right For You. Right For You is written by Lindsay Gordon, a former Google employee turned career coach. I enjoyed reading this book due to its relevance, actionable steps, and easy-to-follow pieces of advice.

Below is a detailed review of Right For You and why you should read this book.

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Why Should You Read Right For You?

In this “perfectionist” world, people assume that everyone except themselves lives a perfect life. Perfect personal life. Perfect professional life. Every aspect of life seems perfect. So what do people do when they realize that their career seems imperfect? They try to change their career path.

Have a great career but can’t pursue your passions? Changing careers. Various career coaches advocate, “Leave your career, take the risk, and follow your passion”, but this advice is not practical for everybody.

Lindsay Gordon starts the book by telling about how she was unhappy while working at Google. She wanted to quit, but everyone around her said that she should be happy and grateful to work there. Lindsay left Google after six years of employment. But she was happy because she knew this was right for her.

And that is what she teaches in this book. Do what is right for you. Even if your family, friends, relatives, and the whole world dislike your career, if you are happy and content, that career is right for you. It is your life, and you decide what you want when you want it and make decisions for yourself. I appreciated this concept very much.

The book teaches you how to be confident, kind, and gracious toward yourself. Lindsay wrote that at the end of the book, we will have a ‘kind Lindsay’ voice in our heads, and certainly she was right. I discovered a kind voice in my head, and my mindset shifted toward positivity.

The book hooked me from the start. I applied Lindsay’s wisdom to my professional career. Like any other person, I had voices in my head telling me to change career positions or career paths altogether. And as I progressed, my mind became so much clearer. Imagine having such powerful words that can help people in their careers. How great!

Lindsay presented a framework to follow that focuses on helping people make important career choices. The framework consisted of four parts, and Lindsay handled every part magnificently.

Throughout the book, Lindsay not only gave professional advice, but she also talked about how some of her clients were unhappy with their jobs. She also displayed how they became satisfied and content with their career choices.

Lindsay, unlike other career coaches, does not give a solid solution, instead, she gives us a framework that will lead us to the right solution for ourselves.

Right for You was a relevant, honest, and concise book. The writing was beautiful, engaging, fluff-free, and to the point. There was no fluff or wordiness.

I looked forward to the cute illustrations that were at the start of every chapter. The illustrations pointed to problems that were going to be discussed in the following chapters.

When I was done with 60% of the book, I was like, “I think this book will be a 4-star read, because maybe some people will not gain anything from the book”. And readers! Exactly when I was thinking this, I was blown away by the fact that the writer used human consistency and how you can be successful due to it. This was the moment when this book became a solid 5-star book for me. Because even if your mind does not understand a lot, your consistency will lead you to a lot of great places.

Lindsay was successful in writing the perfect career-coaching book. It focuses on shifting the mindset to make professional decisions. But the benefit does not end here. Her framework changes your mindset in such a way that you become content in other areas of your life. This is because her framework helps in clearing your mind, making informed decisions, discovering your skillset, negotiating skills, and never settling for less.

Her book also highlights the importance of knowing yourself and what you bring to the table. The realization that it is you who matters and not anyone else is essential for reclaiming your self-worth.

In short, if you are unhappy or confused regarding your career or want to gain valuable information, read Right for You. Because it will impact your life and change your perspective on life.

About The Author Of Right For You

Lindsay is a Forbes award-winning career coach, author, and speaker on a mission to help people stop doing what they think is “right” in their careers and start doing what’s right for them. Through her work, she assists leaders in making clear and confident decisions so they can move forward in their careers (and lives) with purpose. Lindsay loves baking complicated pastries, barbershop singing, and applying her engineering brain to helping people be DECIDED.

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