December 8, 2023
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Lost in Fantasy: The Obsidian Dragon by Angel G. T.

Author: Angel G. T.

Genre: Fantasy

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

The Obsidian Dragon by Angel G. T. is a Fantasy Fiction published in 2023. Aribeth Mitchell, who constantly dreams about a mysterious man, begins to seek answers when she goes on a tour to Japan together with her classmates. The journey leads her to self-discovery and opens her eyes to hidden things.

Spoiler-Free Plot:

Aribeth Mitchell, a final-year Archaeology student at Cambridge University, continuously dreams about a mysterious Japanese man who could transform into a Dragon. She finds herself sitting through an archaeology lecture at her school when she suddenly falls asleep. She was, however, startled when she heard her name. Feeling embarrassed for falling asleep so soon in class, Aribeth struggles to come up with an excuse for her tiredness. Later on, after class, Aribeth and her best friend Marika take a leisurely stroll through Cambridge, discussing punting on the River Cam as well as their past lives; Aribeth talks mainly about growing up on her uncle’s farm while Marika hails from London where they met.

Aribeth mentions her recent dreams involving an unknown and seemingly real figure; these dreams seem both intriguing and puzzling to her. Marika was the only one she had told about her dreams. Marika expressed concern over Aribeth’s dreams and advised her to speak to someone about them, yet Aribeth didn’t seem troubled by them.

Aribeth kept dreaming about the mysterious man, and the more dreams she had about him, the more real the events that happened in her dreams seemed. Also, she began to feel a strange connection to the man in her dreams. Little did she know that everything was about to change. She finally gets to uncover a few things when Professor Tanaka, the Archaeology Professor of Selwyn College, decides to take his students on a tour to Japan.

Aribeth and Marika traveled with their classmates to Japan, where Aribeth experienced an unusual dream on board that left her feeling unsettled upon awakening. Once in Osaka, they visited Kyoto, where Aribeth checked into her traditional Japanese inn before visiting Nijo Castle with the professor. While exploring Nijo Castle, Aribeth experienced another unnerving incident: having visions or hallucinations of someone similar to that which she’d dreamt about, leaving her feeling unsettled until she took a short break to clear her thoughts before continuing her travels through Kyoto with the Professor. When Aribeth meets the man in her dreams physically, he introduces himself as Shinya. She began to develop feelings for him as well as a hunger for answers to the many questions she had, even when she realized that he wasn’t completely human. But one thing was clear: Shinya was there to protect Aribeth.

However, something that would completely transform Aribeth’s life is concealed behind all of these.

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My Take on The Obsidian Dragon:

The Obsidian Dragon is an entertaining Fantasy Fiction that is suitable for fans of fantasy fiction. The author skillfully creates a strong connection between the characters, especially Aribeth and Shinya, the man in her dreams. The author’s vivid prose and well-rounded characters also add to the story’s emotional depth.

The story is engaging and memorable because of the skillfully rendered themes of friendship and resilience. As you read through the twists and turns of the novel, you will find a story of true love, friendship, good and evil, survival, and trust.

The Obsidian Dragon is a captivating fantasy novel that blends elements of dreams, mystery, and mythical creatures into a spellbinding narrative. Angel G. T. masterfully constructs a world where reality blurs with imagination, drawing readers into a tale of self-discovery and unforeseen destinies. This book left a lasting impression on me, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a journey into the realms of fantasy and the unknown.

“Angel G. T.’s ‘The Obsidian Dragon’ weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of dreams and intrigue, delivering a must-read fantasy experience that captivates the imagination and leaves a lasting impression.”

About The Author Of The Obsidian Dragon

Angel G. T. A hopeless dreamer, passionate about mythology and travels, I started writing during the pandemic 2020 lockdown, when only dreams and hopes could walk you through the day. Throughout my life, I developed a very deep connection with nature and animals, especially with my horse, the love of my life. I’ve started writing to share my story with as many people as possible, wishing to make them dream like I did while writing it. What if, being able to create a parallel fantasy world inside your head, could be another way to escape the already too surreal reality we are living in?

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