September 30, 2023
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Is The ALL-NEW KINDLE 11 a good upgrade for you?

Are you an avid e-book reader searching for the latest Kindle but not sure whether to upgrade to the latest model yet? Don’t worry; we at book nerdection are here to solve this mystery for you and tell you all about the new and old Kindle to help you make this decision.

On September 13, 2022, the new Kindle model was unveiled. On the same day, preorders could be made, with shipping set to begin on October 12. According to Amazon’s device classification, it is the 11th-generation Kindle. The $99 Kindle from 2022 has a clear 300 dpi display, a USB-C port, 16 GB of memory, and a battery life of up to six weeks.


You can now get the new Kindle in either black or a brand-new soft blue hue that Amazon refers to as "denim".


Now let us go through the striking features of the all-new 11th generation Kindle:

The upgraded Kindle appears to be an excellent and long-awaited improvement. The Kindle Paperwhite, which strikes the ideal mix between cost and performance, is perhaps the finest e-reader inside the Kindle family. 

The Paperwhite 11th Gen, which Amazon unveiled last year, delivers several enhancements, including a new design, a bigger, better touchscreen, warm lighting, and USB-C charging. If you previously had a Paperwhite, you might be debating whether you ought to upgrade to the new 11th-generation device. Here is all the information you require to make a wise choice.

  • The Kindle, the lightest and smallest, now has a 300 PPI high-resolution screen for clear text and photos.
  • Enjoy a glare-free, paper-like reading experience. Reading is made a simple day or night thanks to the customizable front dark and light mode.
  • Let your story immerse you. Use a gadget for reading free of distractions to block off texts, mail, and media platforms.
  • Long-lasting battery life is now available. For up to 6 weeks, a single USB-C charge is sufficient.
  • With 16 GB, you can now store thousands of books. Twice more storage than the previous version.
  • Explore different stories — With Kindle Unlimited, you’ll have unlimited access to a plethora of audiobooks, over 2 million books, and more.
  • Created with consideration for sustainability and environmental friendliness, this Kindle includes 100% biodegradable device packing and employs 30–75% recycled products, and 90% reused metal.


You can now get the new Kindle in either black or a brand-new soft blue hue that Amazon refers to as "denim".


Display and Design

With its revised design, the Paperwhite 11th Gen has a tablet with reduced bezels. Although it gives the gadget a more contemporary appearance, there may not be enough room for your thumb to rest when holding the gadget with one hand. The new model continues to use an all-plastic chassis with a soft rubber back, maintaining the same level of construction quality.

 It has a 6.8-inch glare-free display. It is an improvement over the Paperwhite 10th Gen’s 6-inch display. The 11th Generation Paperwhite’s larger screen makes it ideal for reading comic books and PDFs and enables more text to fit on a single page. The resolution of the new e-reader, which has a 300-pixel-per-inch glare-free display, is the same as the previous model. There is little to distinguish the Paperwhite 11th-Gen from the Paperwhite 10th Gen regarding visibility and display quality.

Processing Speed and Performance:

The upgrade to a more potent processor has also given the new Paperwhite notable performance benefits. The performance of navigation has improved by 50%, while the speed at which pages flip has increased by 20%. This implies that the new model should operate more quickly and responsively than the previous one while turning a page, underlining passages, and moving around the device.

Upgraded Battery Life and Charging

The new Paperwhite, however, goes one step further and guarantees up to 6 weeks of battery life on a single charge. 

The new Paperwhite 11th Gen’s transition to a universal USB-C connection, which enables charging with the same cable as a smartphone, is arguably the most interesting update. 

A Free, 4-Month Kindle Unlimited Subscription:

You may receive Kindle Unlimited completely free for four months when you purchase a new Kindle. The Kindle Kids edition, including a unique case and a one-year membership to Amazon’s kid-friendly material, is also available for an additional $20.

Available In A Variety of Colors

You can now get the new Kindle in either black or a brand-new soft blue hue that Amazon refers to as “denim”.

Large Storage Capacity

It includes 16GB of storage, which is an absurdly enormous amount for books but useful if you’re a big audiobook listener, in addition to the charging and screen upgrades.

Lighter in Weight

The new Kindle, which maintains the same screen size, is approximately a half-ounce lighter and somewhat slimmer in every dimension than the previous generation, according to the company’s website.


Screen Lighting

The new Kindle costs more than the previous version and still doesn’t have a bright light like the Paperwhite’s previous versions, which may be counted as one of its disadvantages.

Lack of Warm Light

The font light on the Kindle 11 is adjustable, exactly like the previous model. Even on the darkest night, writing on display is visible thanks to LED lamps that evenly distribute light.

However, the latest Kindle 2022 lacks the warm light feature present in previous versions.

Lack of Water-resistance

The 2022-released Kindle 11 is not water-resistant. Not everything is available for $100. The new basic, 11th-generation Kindle, released in 2022, is not waterproof, unlike the Paperwhite 6.8 or the Oasis.

Do not bring it into the tub, pool, or beach.

Considering the above discussions and features, we recommend using the e-reader and your personal preferences to determine this for you. The Paperwhite 10th Generation is incredibly portable and simple to operate with one hand. The Paperwhite 11th Gen, in contrast, feels a little heavy, and its smaller side bezels make one-handed use challenging. The 11th generation is a gadget to skip if you currently own the 10th Edition Paperwhite and are satisfied with it. 

But if you’re looking for a new Kindle, we suggest going with the Paperwhite 11th Gen over the 10th Gen because you get a superior product. Assuming you’ll use the e-reader for a few years, additions like a USB Type-C port are preferable for the long term.

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