September 22, 2023
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Physical Books vs Audiobooks vs Ebooks, Which is better?

Ebooks are great, right? They’re the cheaper option, they’re more convenient, and they can be read on virtually any device you can think of. Audiobooks are awesome too! Who wouldn’t want to listen to their favorite novels while driving or doing housework or exercise? Physical books may seem old-fashioned these days, but there are plenty of advantages to going back to the printed page. Which one do you prefer? Read on and decide for yourself which side of the debate you land on.

What do you love about physical books?

For me I love physical books because they’re so tactile. I love the way a book smells, the way it feels to touch its pages, and the sensation of turning pages as I read. I also like being able to display my favorite books on my shelves and share them with friends.
I also really like that physical books have a sense of permanence about them – if you lend someone your physical copy of The Goldfinch and they don’t give it back, you can go buy another copy from your favorite bookstore (assuming one still exists). With ebooks, lending is no longer an option (Unless you have you are using a kindle) . And while some people are saying physical books will be obsolete in 10 years, I don’t think so; physical media has been around for hundreds of years and there’s no sign that they’ll be disappearing any time soon. They’re just different than before – more expensive in some cases and less convenient than before in others. There’s also the notion of carrying these physical objects with us wherever we go, often taking up precious space in our bags or purses. Physical books also hold memories and their dog-eared pages tell stories about our lives. If we were to ever lose them or throw them away, those memories might be lost too. For me, physical books mean comfort, peace and stability. We want what we know in times of change and uncertainty – even if it comes at the cost of convenience or money! It’s not just nostalgia though – physical books offer something new. You never have to worry about running out of power when reading, they’re easier on the eyes than screens, and paper is recyclable. Plus, there’s nothing better than finding a dusty old book you forgot existed in your parents’ basement!

I remember Finding my first ever book that I bought with my own money from a book fair back when I was in junior high, it was “One Thousand and One Nights“. every time I go back to my parents house I look at it and flip it’s pages between my hands, the old tattered book with falling pages, the old younger version of myself used to read. all the sensations I had back then, the excitement, the bewilderment the smart conversations and the witty characters of the book comes back to me. I don’t think I can have the same sensation from a digital copy or an audio book.
Another benefit of physical books that is often overlooked is its resale value. Physical books can last a lifetime and will maintain most of their resale value over time. A book can also be sold quickly and easily, which is ideal when you don’t have much space or want to make some extra money on old favorites. I always recommend physical copies to friends who travel frequently or commute by train or bus. It’s easy to pack a few books in your bag and have something entertaining to read on public transit without needing WiFi. Physical books also don’t take up any battery life, so they won’t drain your phone’s battery as quickly either.
You’re able to get lost in the story by reading page after page instead of flipping through your device quickly trying to find what you’re looking for. Sure, paper books might be heavy and take up lots of space but sometimes its worth it just for that satisfying ‘thunk’ sound that happens when closing the book- letting yourself know all chapters have been read.

What do you love about audiobooks?

Well for me I love the way audiobooks can transport you to another world. I’ve listened to audiobooks while cooking, cleaning and driving. I even like listening to them in the bathtub! It’s much easier for me to get into a book when someone else is reading it aloud. Plus, it feels like less of an investment because I can listen for free on my phone instead of buying a new copy every time one comes out with a new cover design lol.
Audiobooks are also great because they’re perfect for multitasking or whenever you want to do something that doesn’t require your full attention, but you still want to be doing something productive. For example, if you’re going grocery shopping, why not listen to an audiobook while you’re waiting in line? Listening is so easy too- all you need is your phone and some headphones. Some people say they prefer the sound quality of audiobooks over physical books, too. And if anything bad happens to their copy of the book (like spilling coffee all over it), then at least they’ll have their digital version!
Audiobooks also make it easier for people who don’t like to read a lot due to dyslexia or other conditions where reading isn’t natural or enjoyable. They’re often cheaper than physical copies, too! All you need is an app and a pair of earbuds, and you can enjoy hours of entertainment for under ten dollars if you have a subcreption Like Audible From Amazon.

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Audiobooks are awesome because they’re so convenient. I can download one and go running without having to carry a heavy bag or bring along any other equipment. When I’m finished with it, I just delete it from my library, which makes space for more books! I’d say the best thing about audiobooks is how customizable they are. You can speed up or slow down the narrator as needed, which helps you save time in busy moments and learn better when commuting. You can skip chapters if you already know what’s coming next. No matter what format you use to consume your books, there will always be something special about getting lost between the pages of a novel. But only after I try out audiobooks will I really know what I’m missing out on by limiting myself to paperbacks alone.

What do you love about EBooks?

I love that I can have as many eBooks on my phone, Tablet or Ereader as I want. No matter how much space my phone has, I always seem to find room for at least one more eBook. It also makes traveling a lot easier because you don’t have to worry about carrying a whole suitcase of books with you, which is usually pretty heavy and awkward. Plus there’s no need to go to the bookstore when I’m out of town and need something new. A few taps later, and I’m done!
I’m not sure what people are talking about when they say they miss turning pages in their hands. The tactile feeling? How do they use an eBook if they don’t have a touchscreen? But then again it’s hard to highlight text without touching the screen – so maybe that was just me. I’ll admit there is still something special about opening up a physical book. Holding onto it feels different from holding onto an ebooks.

But lets address this, one of my favorite feature of EBooks is that I can just highlight the last sentence I stopped at only to go back to the exact location later on, as a busy mother with kids interrupting me all the time, I always find myself having to stop reading midsentence, with a physical books it’s always hard to get back to the exact place you stopped reading at. not so much with an Ebook. Another feature that I really love about Ebooks is the dictionary, have you ever found yourself wondering what a certain word mean and would jump to google to search for the meaning, I know I always do, with the Dictionary already available on the recent Ebooks tablets it’s just a touch away to give you the meaning of any word, and even translating it to another language which is super helpful if what you are reading isn’t your main language. And now with the latest Version of Kindle From Amazon, Kindle Scribe you can even write on your book or put notes that won’t ruin your book, I always hated writing on my books, but with this, you can write and never be afraid of ruining your book since you can remove it easily later on.

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Another feature that I love in Ebooks, is the ability to read between multiple devices. for Example I usually love to read with my kindle during the night when I put the kids to sleep with the built in light that is a bit easer on the eye, but with books that have some illustrations or pictures, you know you can only get the black and white version of them on your kindle, so I switch to my phone or tablet to have a bitter look at them with colors, not only that, but when you go out and forget your kindle at home, you can always pick up where you left reading on your phone, which let’s face it, the extension of the arm that you can never forget lol.

And when you finish a book in a series, the next books is just one click away, no need to order the physical book or go to the nearest library to get it.

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What are your experiences with physical books, audiobooks and eBooks?

I’ve been reading physical books for as long as I can remember and I love how they smell. They also look beautiful on my bookshelf. However, there are so many benefits to both audiobooks and eBooks that make them much more convenient. For example, audiobooks are great for when you’re driving or cooking because you can listen without holding the book in your hands. Plus, if you have an eReader, you can make notes and highlights in the text which makes it easy to reference later on. All three types of reading have their own benefits so it just depends on what works best for you!

1) Even though audio is a form of reading, it is not the same as traditional paper books. Audio may not be accessible to those with visual impairments. Audio readers may speak too quickly or too slowly, thus changing the meaning of a sentence. You may not hear every detail in an audio recording such as background noise.

2) There are benefits to reading paper books instead of audio recordings. It is easier for children who learn better visually than orally (this includes some autistic children). One possible downside is that it may be difficult to navigate a large novel using this method and find passages you want to reread or review due to limitations with page-flipping controls on some e-readers.

3) If you read electronic books, you don’t have to worry about losing your place when switching between devices. The user interface on some tablets and smartphones provide options for creating annotations or highlighting key words or phrases in the text.

4) Paper books take up space but allow you to see other information like reviews from other readers and blurbs from publishers easily. When deciding what type of reading material will work best for you, think about these advantages and disadvantages before deciding on one over another. Do you enjoy being able to physically turn pages? Are you often interrupted by sound around you? Do you like the convenience of being able to carry your entire library with you at all times? What are your thoughts on narration speeds and accents? Which do you prefer?

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