December 8, 2023
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Queen of the Quantum Realm by Rhonda Denise Johnson: An interesting mix of unconventional elements

Author: Rhonda Denise Johnson

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Year Published: 2017

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

Spoiler-free Plot

This is Book 1 of the Nanosia series, and it tells the story of a fourteen-year old called Jawan, who was taken away from his family eight years ago and was now the apprentice of a mage in a city called Hadley Town. However, a purple plague starts tearing the city apart and neither can find the reason behind it, which prompts Jawan to start his own search, leading to the small, small world of the Quantum Realm.

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My take on Queen of the Quantum Realm

When I first picked up this novel, I have to say that the title already intrigued me. I knew that it was fantasy-related, so the title seemed a little odd at first, but it added to the charm and the experience of reading this book. However, what I ended up finding was a very exciting story that also combined a lot of different elements that, at least at first, didn’t seem like a good combination with a fantasy story.

The quantum realm is all about a miniature world, and this is something that is explored in several franchises, like the Ant-Man series at Marvel Comics, for example. Author Rhonda Denise Johnson does a great job of combining something like the quantum realm with fantasy in a way that feels very organic and natural, which is something that already sounds quite appealing to the reader from the get-go.

Of course, we have to talk about the main character of the story, Jawan. One thing that stood out to me about the character is how much he had stacked against him and still managed to push forward. This is something that I always like about protagonists like this one: the fact that they are thrown so much and still press forward with what they want to do. It makes for a very compelling read as you end up rooting for them to achieve their goals.

The world-building in this book is certainly very rich, especially when it comes to the quantum realm. There are a lot of little details, rules, and elements that influence the setting, thus becoming a very fascinating read. Fantasy relies a lot on worldbuilding, and this is something that this book has in spades.

The pacing was fairly good. The book is barely three-hundred pages long, so is not that long by fantasy standards and it can be read quite easily since the dialogue and descriptions are not overly complex. There is a somewhat jovial feel to the book that makes it quite accessible to a wide variety of readers.

Also, the level of detail and focus on the many different elements that make up the quantum realm is one of the best parts of this story, and one of the biggest selling points of the series as it can be quite fun to learn about all these details. It makes the journey feel a lot more realistic, especially for younger readers that might feel overwhelmed by the topic in question.

However, the most important part is that is fun. It is a very fun read, with a lot of fun characters, a nice combination of elements that make it a very unique experience, and a concept that is executed in a way that can be quite entertaining for a wide variety of readers, especially the younger ones. This is key because it makes the book all the more compelling.

It is a very strong start to this series and one that makes you want to read more and look forward to the sequel.

About The Author Of Nanosia series

When the writer in Rhonda Denise Johnson meets the reader in you, there is magic. An idea percolates in her head telling her a story is there, and she must write it. Rhonda imagines you, the reader, smiling, laughing, hollering at her characters, or remembering something in your life, and she gets a good feeling. It’s like when you know your purpose in life, and it’s something that affects people in a good way.

As a reader, Rhonda is fascinated by well-written fantasy novels. As a writer, She finds that magic naturally works its way into her stories.

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