December 8, 2023
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Pebbles and The Biggest Number
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Pebbles and The Biggest Number by Joey Benun: It’s here!

Author: Joey Benun

Illustrator: Laura Watson

Genre: Children’s Math & Science

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Read”

At book nerdection, we do not overlook our younger audience! Pebbles and The Biggest Number by Joey Benun And Illustrated by Laura Watson, Is an Educational children’s Book that was released January 21, 2023.

For parents, teachers, and kids looking for good storybooks and adorable illustrations! Continue reading.

About The Book:

Pebbles and the biggest number feature a diligent butterfly named Pebbles. He is tired of counting small numbers in his garden. It’s always the same there- twos and fours and other small numbers- but nothing big. So Pebbles the butterfly decides to travel the world in pursuit of the biggest number he could find. During his journey, he meets many animals and they tell him the biggest numbers they know. On and on he travels until Pebbles finally discovers the biggest number…

My Thoughts on Pebbles and The Biggest Number

Joey Benun’s Pebbles and The Biggest Number is a short illustrated book aimed at kindergarteners and preteenagers. Though we all know that age ratings are usually only a placeholder, and even adults can enjoy books meant for children! Benun is a natural storyteller, and as with all good stories, his writing flows naturally.

What’s more, children would really love Laura Watson’s illustrations. They offered a lot more than pretty pictures and complemented the story. I know that I loved them; the illustrations complemented Pebbles’ little adventure until I was eager to find that one biggest number too.

Not only that, the story is supplemented with ‘fun facts’, ‘do you know?’ and ‘science spots’ so your child will learn some amazing facts besides enjoying the story. And it doesn’t hurt to admit that even I didn’t know some of those facts, and tried to commit them to memory.

All in all, this illustrated book is a delightful infotainment book sure to engage young readers as well as inform them. If you’re looking for an interactive book your child will love, go ahead and give Pebbles’s story a try!

About The Author Of Pebbles and The Biggest Number

Joey Benun has always thought BIG. His fascination with numbers began when he was five years old—the bigger, the better. Years later, a fortuitous conversation with his niece and nephews inspired him to write a book about BIG numbers for little kids. Thus, Pebbles and the Biggest Number was born! Years before Pebbles took flight, nine-year-old Joey wrote his first comic book series about a disgruntled ketchup packet who resents being discarded and turns into The Ketchup Monster.
Today, Joey works and lives in Brooklyn, New York, as an Amazon account manager for his family-owned apparel business, The Bentex Group. During his free time, he enjoys engaging in religious studies, listening to TED Talks, and playing tennis.

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