May 29, 2023
Book Reviews Fantasy Teens

Mika Mathews’s The Golden Apple (The Oaths of Dante#2): A Lore of Love and Lies

We have exciting news for Greek mythology lovers! Mika Mathew's The Golden Apple, the second installment of The Oaths of Dante series, Is.

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Book Reviews Thriller

Loden’s Children By Paul Chandler an exciting and suspenseful read from start to finish

The year 2022 saw the release of Paul Chandler's novel, Loden's Children. The story revolves around the tragic loss of Loden's three children in.

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Book Reviews Fantasy

Child of a Vanquished Isle by Talia Martini – Can peace be found after unforgivable violence?

Author: Talia Martini Genre: Epic Fantasy Year Published: 2023 Nerdection Rating: “Nerdection Wort to read” Four forces combine to challenge the enslavement of.

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Book Reviews Fiction

As Sweet As Honey: A Beautiful Women’s Fiction

As Sweet as honey is a light women's fiction by Gabriela Villazon.  It is a touching story of two sisters who piece together.

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Book Reviews Mystery Romance

The Reflex: Part 1 – A unique spy thriller and family drama

The Reflex by Maria Dension is a family-based spy thriller and will leave you hooked, that's for sure!

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Articles Graphic Novels

The History and Making of Fist of the North Star

When it comes to modern shonen manga, the influence of the 80s classic Fist of the North Star is something that cannot be.

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Book Reviews Fantasy SCI-FI

Chaos in Nanosia By Rhonda Denise Johnson – A Journey of Overcoming Fears

The Nanosia series is continued in Chaos in Nanosia, Book 4 by Rhonda Denise Johnson. It is a book that centers on the.

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Book Reviews Fantasy Romance

Entwined Within The Darkness by Charley Black: A Paranormal Romance

Fans of Twilight and Serpent & Dove trilogy will love this new Paranormal Fantasy 'Entwined Within The Darkness' by Charley Black. This paranormal.

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Book Reviews Fantasy

Resurrection by J.W.Bendall: Great Entry Into A New Fantasy Series

Fantasy Alert! Fans of dark fantasy will undoubtedly devour this first installment of a new series 'Resurrection' (The Grave Gang) by J W.

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Book Reviews Fantasy History

Good Tales for Bad Dreams Books 5 and 6 by V.M. Sawh: Great retellings of classic tales

Good Tales for Bad Dreams as a whole is an anthology series, and every short story is centered around the retelling of classic.

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