December 8, 2023
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An Interview with Shari Emami About her book Breaking Free From Pain

We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive blog post that delves into the compelling journey of Shari Emami, a courageous individual, holistic health practitioner and health enthusiast, who navigated the challenges of fibromyalgia and emerged stronger than ever. In our upcoming feature, “Breaking Free From Pain,” Shari generously shares her experiences, motivations, and insights that led her to pen down her book.

From the moment of diagnosis to the emotional turning points and alternative treatments that have played a significant role in her well-being, Shari Emami opens up about her holistic approach to healing. We explore her writing process, balancing the personal narrative with practical advice, and gain a deeper understanding of the holistic health practices that form the backbone of her book.

Join us as we uncover Shari Emami ‘s inspiring story and learn how she hopes to make a difference in the lives of those grappling with fibromyalgia. This interview not only sheds light on the challenges of living with a chronic condition but also provides a beacon of hope for readers seeking alternative methods of healing.

But First, Who is Shari Emami?

Shari Emami

Shari Emami is originally from Southern California. She is a board certified holistic health practitioner, HHP that specializes in alternative treatments for fibromyalgia. She has been a published freelance writer in the past. Her dedication to natural healing is evident in her book and she hopes to bring it to the masses.

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Shari Emami ‘s Books

1. What motivated you to share your personal journey with fibromyalgia through “Breaking Free From Pain”?

I have always wanted to write a health book. I became a health coach in 2018, and the concept of my book started in 2020. It was always something that I dreamed of creating. I also wanted to share my story from a patient’s perspective of the frustration I experienced and pain dealing with fibromyalgia. This included everything from the doctors I worked with, to the emotional aspects of it. It was a hard part of my life and I wanted to tell my side of the story, the illness, and explain it through my lens.

2. Can you describe the moment when you were diagnosed with fibromyalgia and how it impacted your life initially?

I was diagnosed in September 2014, and for about six months after that I spent most of my days crying, in pain and lying in bed. I could barely move around and my muscles felt like they were on fire. It was a very depressing time for me. 

3. Were there specific turning points in your fibromyalgia journey that influenced your approach to healing?

I think getting to the emotional cause and root of the problem helped a great deal. A lot of treatment for fibromyalgia is based on trial and error and finding out what specifically works for you. I believe that diet plays a key role and also reduces inflammation in the body. Herbs and supplements help, and I talk about it in my book as well, so you will just have to read it. 

4. How did the idea for the book come about? Was there a particular event or realization that inspired you to write it?

The idea came about in 2020, and I was trained to do hair mineral analysis and registered as a holistic practitioner with Analytical Research Labs. I was always fascinated with Dr. Paul Ecks research. Most of my inspiration comes from my own research on how I pin pointed all the blood work that I requested that was not being looked into. The main reason for writing my book is to share the knowledge I gained over the years on natural healing methods for treating and managing fibromyalgia. As a former patient, I feel it’s important to tell others what I went through in hopes of helping and inspiring other sufferers. 

5. What was your writing process like, especially in balancing the personal narrative with practical advice?

I first designed the book with my designer, then outlined the chapters, and built a story based on that. I made sure I explained the details of fibromyalgia, possible causes, why doctors miss it, emotional roots of the disorder, hair mineral analysis and fibromyalgia, collaborative care, patient care, working with your doctor and specialists, and diet interventions. I built the story based on my own experience and integrated it with medical research. 

I made sure to tell my own personal story from what inspired me to study holistic medicine in the first place. How I went from patient to now here, a published author telling my story. 

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6. As a holistic health practitioner, how has your professional background influenced the holistic approach presented in your book?

Most of my training deals with non- invasive ways of healing. This includes, essential oils, herbs, supplements, exercise, lifestyle modification and diet therapy. 

I wanted to also explain my background, credentials, and own personal knowledge of what works for me and can help others. 

7. Who do you hope will benefit the most from reading your book, and what impact do you envision it having on your readers?

I am hoping it benefits anyone suffering from any emotional aspects or causes of the disorder as well as those living with chronic illness. It is my knowledge that I share, that I hope will give hope to those suffering from fibromyalgia, or that have family members and loved ones afflicted by this condition. 

8. Can you share specific alternative treatments for fibromyalgia that have personally resonated with you and contributed to your well-being?

I love CBD oil for muscle pain relief. I also believe that massage therapy and acupuncture help a lot. 

9. How have you navigated the emotional challenges of fibromyalgia, and how does this aspect feature in your book?

I was able to work with a therapist on my emotional struggles and coping mechanisms of dealing with my condition. I even give an emotional exercise that helps readers heal of emotional distress of having a chronic condition.  

10. Looking ahead, beyond the book, what do you envision for the future in terms of fibromyalgia awareness, support, or any related projects you might have in mind?

I hope that more doctors can take this condition seriously, and that more awareness is spread. My next book will be out sometime in 2024, on herbal based remedies , the history behind essential oils, and natural healing methods. Stay tuned! 


As we wrap up this interview with Shari, we extend heartfelt thanks for her openness in sharing her journey with fibromyalgia. Shari’s resilience and commitment to holistic healing shine through, providing inspiration to us all.

To our readers, we hope Shari’s story resonates with you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you, Shari, for your generosity in sharing your wisdom—we look forward to the positive impact your story will undoubtedly have.

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