September 26, 2023
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A Look At The Alpha Series By Moonlight Muse

When I was experiencing a moment of being obsessed with werewolf books, I came across this series. Lol, I should say I’m still in that phase though.

Moonlight muse has a form of writing which is eloquent, seductive and captivating all in one. She keeps you hooked on each line of the story, giving thrills and unexpected turns with characters created to perfection will have you falling in love with her books. You should definitely read her works, in my opinion.

For this article however, I’m going to be reviewing her series: THE ALPHA SERIES which takes us through different alpha families becoming entwined. It shows the difficulty finding and accepting one’s mate and trials each family had to overcome to get happiness. Let’s dive right in!

(**warning: spoilers ahead)

Book 1: Her forbidden alpha

This tells the story about Scarlett Malone addressed as Red because of the color of her hair by Elijah Westwood, the male protagonist of the book. Scarlett is the feisty and headstrong female she-wolf blessed as the first alpha female by the moon goddess, Selene. Scarlett, her sister and their mother moved into a new town after running away from Scarlett’s father, the alpha of their previous pack. In the new pack, the alpha married Scarlett’s mother making Scarlett and Elijah stepsiblings.

Things however become complicated when the stepsiblings begin to develop feelings for each other. They succumb to these feelings then find out that they are in fact mates! However, Alpha Jackson is against it because they are stepsiblings but you can’t fight destiny.

After running away from her pack, Scarlett returns to see her father maltreating the members of the pack. Her father, Zidane marks her and her body fights against the taboo mark. The mark can only be taken off with the mark of her true mate.

They later go to war against Zidane’s pack and win. Scarlett being the first child becomes the next alpha but decides to join her pack with her mate, Elijah’s pack and Alpha Jackson accepted the mate bond between Elijah and Scarlett, not like it would have stopped them (lol).

Book 2: Her cold hearted Alpha

This tells the story of 18 years old Kiara Westwood, Elijah and Scarlett Westwood’s daughter and 34 years old Alejandro Rossi, the Alpha king.

Kiara was born without the ability to see in the dark and so was strictly protected by her family and pack. Wanting to escape the protective nature of her pack, she asks her parents to allow her go to another pack. Her father decides to send her to alpha Alejandro’s pack.

Alejandro grew up hated by his father but protected by his mother. An incident happened on his 13th birthday and he shifted to his lycan form forcefully and killed his parents. Or so he thought.

Looking into the appearance of wendigo’s and managal’s, Alejandro ends up rescuing Kiara from the attack of a managal. Alejandro visits Kiara’s pack the next day and while the two don’t get along, they are attracted to each other and Alejandro knows she is his mate.

The story goes on with some sexual tension and giving in to each other. On the next blood moon, Kiara realizes Alejandro is her mate but he has decided to take another as a chosen mate however, his plan to protect Kiara from himself falls through and he decides to make it work for her to forgive him.

Alejandro finally gets on the managals and wendigo’s. Following this lead, they discover that his supposedly dead mother alongside a manipulated alpha brother he never knew he had, were behind the attacks to get his mate Kiara.

The Westwood and the Rossi packs come together to fight against his hybrid mother Endora. on winning, Alejandro accepted the pack of rogues led by his newly found brother Marcel.

Book 3: Her Destined Alpha

Delsanra grew up with an abusive father and siblings. They sold her and she ended up unwillingly helping Endora with dark magic. Escaping Endora and fleeing the coven that so fervently wants her power, Rayhan Rossi, the future Alpha of the Black Storm Pack, who will take his place as the pack’s leader, accidently catches her in his arms. She never would have imagined that one of the very races she had fought so hard to avoid would be her rescuer.

Finding his mate and knowing she has been tortured both by his kind and the witches doesn’t sit right with Rayhan. He earns her love and brings her to his pack where she meets his sister who they realized was a witch. However, Endora had a hold over his sister’s, Raihana’s, magic. With help and training by Delsanra’s aunt Janaina, Delsanra removed the hold Endora had on Raihana.

Together with Rayhan, Raihana and Janaina, they stormed the witch’s council and took revenge on the ones who maltreated Delsanra.

Raihana was betrayed by her personal guard Blake who handed her and Delsanra over to witch hunters. Rafael, Rayhan, the Luna and warriors went to save them which resulted in the loss of lives. Raihana and Chris fell in love and were fated mates.

Book 4: Caged between the alpha and beta

Raven, friend to Liam Westwood and Damon who considered one another brothers was mated to both of them breaking their friendship in seconds. They parted ways and were reunited after 3 years. With Liam and Damon not being fated to one another, Liam couldn’t stand the thought of sharing as an alpha and so Raven would have to choose between them.

Born with a bad eye and given her brother’s eye after he passed, Raven was hated by her father. She wasn’t told about her brother Renji till it slipped from her mother but she wasn’t allowed to visit his grave.

There is a killer on the loose. Gauging out eyes and removing fingers, no one knew who it was. Taylor and Zack were at Taylor’s backyard when they spotted Nina the omega and followed her. She attacked them but they called Raven and Liam came to their rescue.

Raven rejected Damon and at the red moon party, her father attacked shooting at Damon but Liam took the bullets for him. He met the moon goddess Selene who promised to give Damon another mate and came back free from the Helios curse.

Book 5: King Alejandro: The return of the cold hearted alpha

Since the conflict that claimed the lives of numerous people eight years ago, the world has been at peace and an Alpha prince was born. The Lycan King Alejandro Rossi exercised impartial and just government throughout his realm, tranquilly enjoying life with his partner Kiara and their kids. That is, until a brand-new threat cast its shadow over them.

The fundamental foundation of his life is destroyed by one error, one setback, and one regret. A mother’s suffering causes his queen to fall to her knees as the enemy got the upper hand.

Losing her memory, the enemy tries to use her against her family but Kiara’s good heart prevails as she’s able to take care of the enemies’ son.

The final battle occurs where the alpha possessed by the demon was killed before his son. His son concludes that being nice isn’t the way forward and turns down help from Alpha Alejandro and his pack.

Meanwhile, Leo Rossi refuses to forgive Rayhan and the Rossi’s and tells them that he would break away when he becomes alpha.

The five parts of the series have now been briefly summarized. I really enjoyed reading this series and I’m sure you will too! I highly recommend that you read this series if you enjoy shifter romance and spice because Muse is a fantastic writer!

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