September 30, 2023
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Top Books To Learn About Queen Elizabeth II Life

Queen Elizabeth II, affectionately known as The Queen, has been the British monarch since 1952. Her reign has been, to date, the longest in history, and over the years, she has shown to be a very astute and capable leader. We here at Book Nerdection was saddened by the news of her passing away yesterday on September 8, 2022. She was an Icon to the whole world not just as the Queen of U.K but as one of the longest reigning monarch to date. and thus, London Bridge is Down.

And since we are a book-enthusiastic bunch, we thought what is a better way to send her off than to list the best books available to know more about her and to remember her with.

so here we go:

Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II has been the focus of unmatched scrutiny ever since her accession to the throne in 1952 at the age of 25. But how well do we actually know the most renowned monarch in the world through the glitz and gossip? Queen Elizabeth II has led her nation and the Commonwealth through the wars and upheavals of the last sixty years with an unmatched calm, intelligence, and grace. Acclaimed biographer Sally Bedell Smith lifts the curtain to reveal in intimate detail the public and private lives of Queen Elizabeth II.

The young girl who unexpectedly becomes the “heiress presumptive” when her uncle abdicates the throne is introduced to us in Elizabeth the Queen. We first encounter Lilibeta when she is thirteen years old. Despite her parents’ preference for richer English aristocracy, she falls in love with a young navy cadet named Philip and makes the decision to marry him. During World War II, we see a young Lilibet fixing army trucks, and on V-E Day, she is shown with Winston Churchill on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The young Queen is seen as she tries to manage the obligations of her career with being a mother to two young children. The daily routines of the Queen are revealed by Sally Bedell Smith, including the “red boxes” of documents she reviews each day, the weekly meetings she has had with twelve prime ministers, her physically taxing trips abroad, and the constant media scrutiny. She also discusses the Queen’s relationships with her family and friends, including her husband of 64 years, Prince Philip; her children and their frequently disastrous marriages; her grandchildren; and a close friend.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen of Our Times: The Life of Queen Elizabeth II

On the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of her coronation, a renowned royal biographer provided a definitive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Although she have spent ten years in the spotlight, she was unflappable, pious, indulgent, outwardly restrained, passionate, unsentimental, and young at heart. She was also shy but have a steely sense of self-assurance.

These all apply to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who has ruled through a time of greater social upheaval than any other queen in British history. She has seen family problems on a magnitude unseen since the reign of George III, from the Abdication to the Sussexes, from World War II to the death of her longtime partner.

Queen of Our Times offers the modern royal story new scholarly perspectives and access to members of the Royal Family, staff, friends, and royal records. No book on the record-breaking Elizabeth II will be more exhaustive, readable, or innovative as she approaches a milestone that, unquestionably, will never be surpassed.

The Faith of Queen Elizabeth: The Poise, Grace, and Quiet Strength Behind the Crown

Queen Elizabeth II is a global icon, matriarchal reformer, and the longest-reigning monarch in British history. She inspires people with her royal lineage, heroic character, and unwavering faith, especially as seen in critically acclaimed movies like The Queen and the hugely popular Netflix series The Crown.

But despite all of her struggles and victories, Her Majesty attributes the stability of her life and reign to her personal trust in Jesus Christ. The Faith of Queen Elizabeth by Dudley Delffs gives readers a greater, broader understanding of the woman who has governed a country with unshakeable faith and resolve

The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe

For nearly seven decades, The Queen has used clothing to create a powerful visual identity that transcends fashion. She is perhaps the most readily identifiable person, and the symbol of British governance.

The Queen and Angela Kelly make the corridors of Buckingham Palace resound with laughter. Over the course of her twenty-five-year career, Angela has worked with The Queen and traversed the halls of the Royal Household, first as Her Majesty’s Senior Dresser and later as Her Majesty’s Personal Advisor, Curator, Wardrobe, and In-House Designer. She has a particularly close working relationship with The Queen because she is the first person in history to have this position.

The book chronicles Her Majesty The Queen’s special working relationship with Angela Kelly, who has served as her personal assistant and senior dresser for more than 20 years. We obtain exclusive insight into a productive working relationship that is marked by humor, innovation, hard effort, and a shared devotion to duty and service. It offers a rare glimpse into the demands of the job of serving the Monarch. Angela is a gifted and motivating woman who has shared with all of us the high points of her lengthy career with The Queen.

Our Rainbow Queen: A Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and Her Colorful Wardrobe

Each image in this riotously bright book is magnificently embellished with words and analysis by journalist and broadcaster Sali Hughes, who provides intriguing information. It takes the reader on a prismatic voyage through a century of styles worn by the British Monarch Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen’s political use of color and style will be revealed to readers. For example, she wore the colors of the European flag to a post-Brexit meeting and a pin that belonged to the Obamas to a meeting with Donald Trump.

This must-have collection honors the historic fashion statements of the UK’s longest-reigning and most colorful monarch through breathtaking images in dazzling colors, from the dusky pinks the Queen wore as a child to the neon green dress that inspired the hashtag #NeonAt90. The Queen’s life, as well as her unique sense of style and political savvy, are being joyfully celebrated.

Town & Country: The Queen: A Life in Pictures

The Queen’s life is depicted in more than 300 amazing images, along with illuminating commentary by the royal journalist Victoria Murphy, first as a child princess and then as the longest-reigning British monarch.

The book details her military service during World War II, her marriage to Prince Philip, their first-ever televised coronation, her extensive official travels around the world, the glittering diplomatic occasions and encounters with world leaders, dignitaries, and celebrities, the pomp and pageantry of ceremonial events, her role as a fashion icon, her relationships with her parents, King George VI and the Queen Mother, and her sister, Princess Margaret, as well as the birth of her son and her relationship with Prince Philip.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family: A Glorious Illustrated History

The most famous royals in the world, from the Queen’s Norman forebears to her great-grandchildren, are all shown in spectacular detail in this book. It includes information about significant figures like Princess Diana and Prince Harry as well as current events like Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding.

The third edition, which released in 2021 in honor of the Queen’s 95th birthday, has been updated to reflect the most recent milestones and events, including the marriage of Harry and Meghan and their decision to step down as senior members of the royal family, the births of Charlotte, Louis, and Archie, and the births of other new family members.

The Duke: 100 Chapters in the Life of Prince Philip

The Duke uses interviews with family, friends, and courtiers as well as Prince Philip’s own words to investigate the person behind the many tales. Ian Lloyd brings to life some unusual facets of his personality, such as his passion for poetry and religion, his admiration for Duke Ellington, and his interest in UFOs. In addition, Lloyd explains why the Duke of Edinburgh has served as the Queen’s “strength and stay” for more than seven decades and why many people consider him to be a national treasure.

My Husband and I: The Inside Story of the Royal Marriage

There were difficulties when a young Princess Elizabeth first met and fell in love with the handsome Naval Lieutenant Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. The young princess and the sailor prince’s romance added some color to a country that was still suffering from post-war austerity. Three thousand people attended their Westminster Abbey wedding in November 1947, including six kings and seven queens. She would become Queen Elizabeth II in less than five years, and millions of people watching on television would witness her coronation.

My Husband and I provides insight into how their relationship functions behind closed doors as well as the difficulties faced by Prince Philip as he frequently travels with the Queen to public events. Over the years, there have been allegations of marital problems, heated arguments about how to raise their children, and countless family traumas in the public view, ranging from sensational divorces to shocking deaths. But someway, their bond has persisted, giving people around them courage and motivation. My Husband and I is a celebration of the strength of love in addition to being a vivid portrayal of a famous marriage.

Royal Sisters: Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret

Despite being forced into their historical roles, the royal sisters demonstrated remarkable individuality and endured the typical signs of sibling rivalry inside the walls of the palace and inside the all-too-human bounds of their personalities. The book Royal Sisters offers a unique and personal image of these most famous sisters and brothers throughout their formative and eventful youth. It is also one of the most remarkable tales of sisterly fidelity from the 20th century.

The royal sisters’ feelings toward each other, their parents, their close relatives, and the men they have loved are honestly examined in Edwards’ Book. It has a cast of characters ranging from the young sisters’ suitors to Winston Churchill and the entire Royal Family, and it openly discusses the romance of Elizabeth and Philip as well as the tragic aborted love affair between Margaret and Group Captain Peter Townsend with new information and insights. Additionally, it tells the tale of how a queen is created, the high drama of her position in the Townsend incident, the true impact their uncle’s abdication had on the sisters’ life, and the internal conflicts that have since developed among the Royal Family.

The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor–the Truth and the Turmoil

After Princess Diana’s terrible death, Queen Elizabeth II adopted the phrase “never again.” More specifically, there would never be “another Diana”—a member of the family whose international fame eclipsed, outshone, and imperiled the British monarchy as we know it.

The Palace Papers continues Tina Brown’s brilliant The Diana Chronicles by describing how the royal family remade itself during the turbulent years when Diana’s incandescent notoriety tore through the House of Windsor like a comet.

In a masterful tour de force, Brown takes readers through the scandals, love affairs, power struggles, and betrayals that have rocked the monarchy over the past 25 years. After Princess Margaret, the Queen Mother, and Prince Philip, her longtime partner, passed away, we witness the Queen’s steely resolve and watch as she triumphs in her Jubilee years despite the turmoil in her family. The determination of Prince Charles to wed Camilla Parker Bowles, the conflict between Princes William and Harry over their “different paths,” the rise of Kate Middleton, the fall of Prince Andrew, and Harry and Meghan’s shocking decision to step down as senior royals are all topics covered by Brown. Despite the weak monarchy’s best efforts, it appears that “never again” is not avoidable.

The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 2: Political Scandal, Personal Struggle, and the Years that Defined Elizabeth II (1956-1977)

Lacey examines the significant social, political, and personal events and their effects—not just on the royal family but also on the world surrounding them—over the course of two turbulent decades during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. The book offers a thought-provoking insight into the historical eras that the Netflix’s show explores, revealing the reality behind the on-screen drama. Topics covered include the Suez Crisis, the U.S.-Soviet space race, the legacy of the Duke of Windsor’s collaboration with Hitler, as well as the rumored problems with the royal marriage.

This is an intriguing and quick-paced look into the past that served as the Netflix show’s inspiration as well as the years that would ultimately shape the Queen.

Not in Front of the Corgis: Secrets of Life Behind the Royal Curtains 

The Windsors are the most well-known family in England, but what are they actually like when they are not in the spotlight? Nobody knows a Royal better than a Royal servant since they are intimately familiar with all of their quirks, foibles, and eccentricities. Behind closed doors in every Royal residence, from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House, there are two families – one above and one down. There are quite a few of them. This is an insider’s account of the Royal Family as seen by those who are closest to them, a peep behind the ermine-trimmed drapes to see what they actually do in their spare time. Are they the same as us? Are they worlds apart, or what?

The Little Princesses

Look no further than this amazing biography by Marion Crawford, who served as the young Elizabeth and her sister Margaret’s governess for 17 years (they called her “Crawfie”) to gain a really unique perspective on the Queen’s formative years. The Little Princesses generated a commotion when it was published in 1950, and Crawford apparently suffered backlash from the royal family as a result.

Queen Elizabeth II: Portraits by Cecil Beaton

Photographer, costume designer, and dedicated diarist Cecil Beaton was also a “romantic royalist,” and his glitzy images of Queen Elizabeth II were some of the century’s most widely disseminated photos. This intriguing book examines Beaton’s lengthy friendship with the Queen and the royal family and explains how, from the 1930s to the late 1960s, his royal portraits influenced public perception of the monarchy. It is a celebration of Beaton, the enduring appeal of his portraiture, and the numerous sources of inspiration that led to the creation of images that had such great impact on how the world saw a mother, a princess, and a monarch.

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