September 30, 2023
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The Best 10 Stand Alone Romance Audiobook For 2022

There’s nothing like curling up with an amazing Romance audiobook to help you unwind after a long, busy day of work. To make sure you don’t miss out on the best audiobooks this year, we’ve compiled this list of the Best 10 Stand Alone Romance Audiobooks For 2022, which includes everything from contemporary romance to historical romance and even paranormal romance! These audiobooks will help you get lost in another world and forget about your troubles! Here are our picks for the Best 10 Stand Alone Romance Audiobooks For 2022!

To the Moon and Back

When his mother was killed in the Oklahoma City bombing, Brady Bradshaw was a young child. Brady pays a visit to the memorial on the anniversary each year to commemorate her.

He first saw Jenna Phillips on that day ten years ago when she was a young child and her parents were killed in the attack. At the memorial, Brady and Jenna shared a special day and a close emotional bond. Brady, though, did not see Jenna again after that. He sends her a letter every year when he gets back, hoping to run into her again.

This year, Kari Ryan, Ashley Baxter Blake, and their families go on a spring break trip that includes a stop at the memorial to witness the well-known Survivor Tree. Ashley notices a young man who is alone and troubled when she is there. Brady Bradshaw is that person. Brady can’t forget Jenna, so Ashley decides to help him find her by coincidence.

Although Ashley’s family is dubious, she insists that they help her in her search for the girl and efforts to reunite them. But will it succeed? Will Landon, her spouse, comprehend her goals? And is a shared pain sufficient justification for love?

To the Moon and Back is an unexpected love story about healing, repentance, hope, and the conviction that occasionally a new tomorrow might emerge from the ashes of a broken yesterday. This Romance Audiobook is profoundly emotional and exquisitely romantic.

Like Flames in the Night

Strong-willed Tirzah trains for a covert operation inside the fortress of Shechem because she wants to assist her people in expelling the enemy from the land of Israel.

She enters the brutal Aramean commander’s kitchen, but not long after, she makes a careless choice that puts her and her comrades in serious danger.

Fresh off the war, Liyam goes home to discover his beloved daughter is dead. His last resort is a family link that comes with conditions after months of fruitless searching for her killer in violation of his commitment to find them. Strings that force him to act as a mercenary and rescue an aggravating woman who refuses to leave her task uncompleted.

Can Tirzah persuade Liyam to fight with her in the refuge city of her birth when the chance to open a path to a Hebrew victory arises? Will Liyam’s desire for vengeance triumph over his obligations to his family, his God, and the lady he has grown to love, or vice versa?

Listen to this romance Audiobook to find out.

His Muse

At a moment when Kari needs her mother the most, a mystery email containing a link to her mother’s memoir has made its way into her inbox. Unfortunately, years ago, Kari shoved her away. Kari is now prepared to hear her mother’s story after finding herself in uncannily comparable shoes.
A midlife crisis or a midlife revelation?
Taryn uproots her familiar life to start over in the South of France, where she unexpectedly discovers that the eyes of a seductively attractive French artist with a poetic spirit have set upon her.

But why?

But she is unable to hide or fight her intense attraction to him. He has a touch that ignites her spirit, but after having her heart broken in the past, can she take a chance with everything?

Can she let go and let herself grow in his deft, paint-stained hands? And even if she did, he would still have fantasies of a life she is unable to provide for him.

She understands he wants to live a full life, but can she be unselfish enough to let him go? And if she does, what will happen to her and her heart?

Find out in this Romance Audiobook, a passionate, tragic, and bittersweet tale with a HEA sure to crush your heart.

Seized by Seduction

In this Romance Audiobook Ex-con turned bodyguard Quasar Patterson knows he must see the enigmatic Dr. Randi Fuller again the moment his eyes first touch hers across the crime-scene tape. She is a well-known psychic investigator who can see danger before it happens to someone else but not herself. Because of this, Quasar is even more determined to keep an eye on her—the closer, the better—as she becomes embroiled in a dangerous gang conflict.

Randi knows that she and Quasar are destined to be linked together because of her psychic ability and their blinding chemistry. There is no guarantee of a happily-ever-after now that an enemy has her in his sights, even as they give in to the passion between them. And it will take more than Quasar’s power and talent to stake a claim to the future. They will both lose forever if he can’t risk the heart he’s always kept in check.

Dead Drift

If he fails, burning debris will soon cover the ground and smoke will rise into the noxious air.

Luke Gallagher, an agent, disappeared seven years ago to join an elite unit tasked with apprehending a deadly terrorist. Luke’s only chance of stopping his target’s most recent threat of an attack that would rock America to its foundation when he returns to face people he left behind is with their assistance.

After Luke vanished, private eye Kate Maxwell kept on loving and searching for him. She had no idea, though, that he had chosen to leave his life and hers. Now that he’s returned, they must work together to uncover a complicated web of lies, secrets, and betrayal while avoiding a biological catastrophe.

Will Luke and Kate be the terrorist’s next victim, or will they both live to see another day?


Anne Elliot is no longer regarded as being young enough for promising relationship chances at the age of 27. Eight years prior, she had been persuaded to call off her engagement to Frederick Wentworth, a handsome naval lieutenant who lacked both riches and status, by her friend Lady Russell. In her final published book, Jane Austen tells the heartbreaking story of what happens when they run into one another again. Persuasion is a masterful parody of conceit and vanity, but it is also primarily a love story tinged with the regret of lost opportunities.

Eternally Yours


Lawyer Syneda Walters and colleague Clayton Madaris are just friends—the last two most likely to become romantically involved. Syneda has a low opinion of all males as a result of her unknown father. No lady has ever been able to hold Clayton’s interest for an extended period of time because he has always been a playboy.

perhaps lovers?

When Syneda impulsively accepts Clayton’s invitation to go on vacation with him to Florida, things between them start to heat up and she is surprised by how much passion she feels. Syneda has turned into an irresistible temptation for Clayton, as well as the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Finding a way to mend past hurts and persuading her that she would always be eternally his are necessary for restoring her trust.

Before the Dawn

Leah Barnett, the manager of the local pub, finds it hard to comprehend what her fate has in store for her. Leah has traveled from Boston to Colorado to meet Ryder Damien, the young son of her mother’s lately passed-away lover. Even though he hadn’t seen the guy in 30 years, Ryder is furious that this woman will receive his father’s riches. Ryder is an irate, ruggedly seductive man. However, Leah has many charms, and soon Ryder’s fury is the last thing on his mind.

Wild Devotion

A carefree bartender, Padraig has big plans for the future, but these get derailed when Mia enters the establishment. She starts to cry and Padraig follows. He wants to reassure and console the young woman. He receives a heavy dose of reality in return.

Mia’s tumor is incurable, and doctors have given her six months to survive. Padraig is forced to face some unpleasant truths about the way he has lived his own life when he hears her describe the things she will never get to experience.

An evening of soul-searching leads to a life-changing decision – Padraig will help Mia complete everything on her bucket list. But when Padraig falls in love with her, that objective transforms into something far more profound.

The Hunter

The relationship between Mallory Standish and Hunter Sloan should have been a sensual one-night encounter because it is about all the sexy PI she can manage. Mallory is about to discover that the “P” in PI is for playa, yet even the worst boys around can be subdued, when circumstances force them back together.

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