December 8, 2023
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The First Olympians
Book Reviews SCI-FI Thriller

The First Olympians-A Unique Dystopian Sci-Fi with AI

Author: Graeme Falco

Genre: Sci-Fi / Dystopian Thriller

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Must Red”

book nerdection must read

The First Olympians is a dystopian sci-fi adventure that will take you on a euphoric adventure with its adorable characters, futuristic atmosphere, and lots of action!

The First Olympians, written by Graeme Falco, was published on November 6, 2022. We have read this book and for our followers and readers, we want to tell you that it is one hell of a read! But we are saying this in a good way! So what is this book about?

Spoiler-Free Plot of The Last Olympians:

The Last Olympians is the story of Gordon, Dalrene, and Alex and how they save planet Earth against all odds.

Earth needs dire help due to X-Day, a mass extinction event that made the quality of life the worst on Earth. To help the people on Earth, Olympus Mons Miners were doing their part.

Mars is colonized and humans rely on robots and Artificial Intelligence for everything. Robots rule humans. Foreman is the AI robot that leads all the other robots.

The book starts when Gordon is going to attend a career award ceremony. He is hopeful of receiving an apprenticeship that will improve the quality of his and his mother’s life. His mother was also going to attend the event, but he did not find her. His mother had different thoughts about the Olympus Outpost. She believed that Olympus helping Earth wasn’t what it actually seemed.

Gordon receives an apprenticeship he Wanted. However, after receiving the apprenticeship, he gets a message from his mother who wants him to leave the place as soon as possible. Gordon then sees a message on a screen saying that anyone associated with his mother is to meet with security.

Another character we meet is Darlene who is an old lady who wants to take revenge on robots as they have killed her daughter. She is also in contact with Gordon’s mother.

When Gordon goes home, robots come and start knocking on their door looking for Gordon’s mother. She says to Gordon that the first Olympians are the only ones who can help him.

Will Gordon be able to meet the first Olympians? Who are they and what will happen to the robots? Read the book to find out more!

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My Take On The First Olympians:

This book serves as a soft breeze in the Sci-Fi genre. The plot was unique, gripping, and relatively new. The most important thing I liked about the first Olympians is that it is relatable. Is Artificial Intelligence ruling the world? We can see that coming in the future.

The action and adventure in the book were a hit and acted as catalysts in adding more thrill to this great book. And let us not forget about the cover! Robots fighting the humans! Sign me up for this book!

The writer did an amazing job in crafting a magical dystopian sci-fi that will remain on shelves for years! The hidden themes of slavery, no freedom of speech, or any freedom for that matter, the secrets hidden by the authorities, the characters were all there for a purpose, the atmosphere of the story, and the environment of Mars, all were terrific!

I really liked Gordon’s character. He was so relatable and his inner monologues were great and made his personality more relatable. At first, he seemed introverted when he was waiting to become an apprentice. But as the story unfolds, Gordon became a brave person and an outstanding leader. The plans and ploys the characters developed against the robots, the final showdown, and the conclusion leave you hooked and begging for more!

The characters of Darlene and Alex were also intelligent, courageous, and amazing. The relationship between the characters was amazing. I liked the friendship between the characters and how they all trusted, relied on, and fought for each other.

Filled with all the amazing elements, let’s not forget about the writing style and pace of the book. The style of writing was descriptive and compels you to make images of all the scenes and fights in your mind. The story was fast-paced and was enough to hook you from the start till the end. The book was easy to read due to the flowy sentences that talked to you.

All in all, a must-read for everyone out there. We loved reading this book and so will you!

Content Warning:

Mentions of killings.

Age Appropriation For:


About The Author Of The First Olympians

Graeme Falco is an accountant living in Toronto with his girlfriend and two cats. He loves canoeing and winning fantasy hockey leagues.

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