September 30, 2023
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Bound by Theresa Redmond-The Best Historical Fiction For Beginners

Author: Theresa Redmond

Genre: Historical Fiction

Year Published: 2022

Nerdection Rating: Nerdection Worth to read

You are bound to embark on a historical journey filled with a hazy atmosphere, vivid characters, and revolting themes with this thoughtful, dazzling, and page-turner book!

Bound is a historical fiction book written by Theresa Redmond. This is her debut novel published on August 11, 2022.

Bound takes place in 1700’s Charlotte Town of Saint John’s Island. Saint John Island once belonged to the French people, known as The Acadians. But during the French and Indian Wars, Britain won the Island from the French. The Island was colonized and British people started ruling there.

The book is an absolute masterpiece that leaves a long-lasting effect on the reader’s mind. So what is the story and our reviews regarding this book? Read more to find out!

Spoiler-Free Plot:

Suzanna Torriano was a half-Portuguese and half-English lady with dark skin, large dark eyes, a strong personality, and a love for learning new things. Her mother wanted to get her married just like her sisters. But Suzanna had an extraordinary mind and did not want to get married and settle for the ordinary.

But when she met Walter Patterson, Suzanna liked his personality and opinions. Walter was an English person who wanted to become the Governor of St. John’s Island.

When finally, Walter became the Governor of St. John’s Island, he offered Suzanna to come along with him as his companion. Suzanna agreed.

The book starts when Suzanna and Walter both are landing on the docks of Charlotte Town on St. John’s Island. They are surprised to see the condition of the town. The houses are small and the conditions of people living are worse. Walter is upset about how he will change the situation of the town and Island.

Another story in the book is about a woman named Freelove Haszard. She is a slave working for the Gray household in Charlotte Town. Freelove thinks that she is expecting her second child, but does not want to keep the child because according to the Laws, slave children can be sold off at the age of five by the slave masters. Freelove does not want to bring another child into this slave world. She thinks of ways to abort the child and discusses the matter with Pompey, another slave of the Gray household. They both think that using some herb plants is wise as long as the plant does not harm Freelove. But they both do not know of any plants to use.

Suzanna starts visiting various places in the Town and meets several nice people. One day, Pompey meets her and asks her about any plant that could be used by Freelove. Suzanna does not know of any but she assures Pompey that she will help them.

Back in England, Suzanna had learned about plants from a famous botanist. The botanist also gave Suzanna some descriptions of rare plant species to look for in Charlotte Town.

Suzanna starts learning about the slave situation and how keeping slaves was legal. She was shocked and asked Walter that being the governor, he should make a law that keeping slaves is illegal. To her disappointment, Walter not only supported slave keeping but also was a slave owner himself. Walter said that slaves were an essential part of society and no town can prosper without slaves.

There were rumors that if a slave reaches the West, he becomes a free person. Afraid and angry, Walter passed a law stating that no slave can be free in the town unless his owner frees the slave himself.

Hester Warren is betrothed to Walter and is arriving in Charlotte Town to meet and marry Walter. Walter thinks that now is the best time to tell Suzanna of Hester.

When Freelove is accused of theft by Mr. Gray, she is immediately sentenced to death. Suzanna has no other choice but to seek help from Walter. But Walter is of no help and so Suzanna takes the matters into her own hands. How will she save Freelove and how can the slaves be freed? You can find out by reading this book!

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My Take On This Book:

This book is an absolute masterpiece. The book is not an easy read as it contains several elements of history but the author did an amazing job in making the book as readable and simple as possible.

The characters in this book are diverse and deep. The atmosphere and the environment are imaginative due to the extensive descriptions laid out by the author. The author narrates each scene in such a way that a sharp image is built in the reader’s mind.

The most lovable character was Suzanna. She was kind, generous, curious, and cared for everyone irrespective of their status. She had a modern mind although she existed in the 1700s. Even when it seemed that no one was by her side and she was alone in her journey, she was determined to make the right choices that bear fruitful and peaceful results.

Walter was an arrogant and broody person who regarded himself as a highly authoritative personality. But in reality, he was disdainful and had a very negative personality. The actions he took were for his own gains rather than doing something for common people.

There were several other characters in the book including Freelove, Samuel, Ian MacDonald, and Pierre Galant. All of these characters were essential elements to the story and added much value and depth to the story. Because after all, the characters are the ones that bring life to books through their actions.

We think that the book does a fine job of portraying its message and theme to the readers. The plot may be historical but the book is unpredictable and hooks the readers from the first page till the very last.

We loved reading this book and highly recommend our followers to read this book to gain an understanding of the history as well as read the book for its story. You won’t regret reading Bound!

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About the Author of Bound

Theresa Redmond has a bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s in History. She worked for many years on historical issues and as a senior executive with the Canadian government.

While in Ottawa, she started and led for fifteen years a weekly program of yoga and meditation with women prisoners for which she was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her volunteer work in her community (2012).

She has published articles in the Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Charlottetown Guardian, Eastern Graphic and RED Magazine. Theresa received a prize for a travel article on Costa Rica from the Ottawa Citizen.

She now spends her time on her family farm on Prince Edward Island with her husband and two rescued cats. (tresredmond)

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