September 22, 2023
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Wolf on the Fells by August Astrom: An Entertaining Historical Fantasy

Author: August Astrom

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Year Published: 2023

Nerdection Rating:

“Nerdection Worth to Read”

Wolf on the fells by August Astrom is a Historical Fantasy novel published on February 24, 2023. In the Norwegian Country of Finnmark, a roving hunter named Ib is on the trail of a man-eating wolf that had terrorized the area and ended the life of some persons. One of the first reported deaths believed to have been the handiwork of the wolf was that of a pregnant woman and her husband. Ib was in search of an honorable death because he didn’t want to live anymore. He didn’t see the need to. However, when Ib finally comes face to face with the wolf and engages in a fight with it, he has no idea what the wolf plans to do to him.

Spoiler-free Plot

Ib is a hunter seeking a job to kill a man-eating wolf that has been responsible for recent killings. When he arrives in town, the inn keeper guides him with a map and advises him to hunt along the Alta River. Ib then decides to stay back in the inn and pays for a bed. A woman named Solveg tries to flirt with him while he is on his way to the bed that he had paid for, and he totally ignores her by putting his hand on her shoulder and gently pushing her away so he could walk into the room.

Following the deaths that occurred in the territory, the majority of people were curious about the main cause of the deaths. Since it was believed to be the handiwork of a wolf, Ib and other hunters who he got close to and shared memories with did not relent on finding it. However, Ib had encountered what he believed to be the man-eating wolf in the forest, it had a symbol on its forehead and stared at Ib. Ib stared back at the wolf, but instead of attacking him, it went away.

On several occasions, Ib had suggested that he was going to fight the wolf alone, but the other hunters never assented to that, they stated how risky it was for him to fight the monster on his own.

The encounter with the man-eating wolf changed Ib’s life forever.

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My Take on Wolf on the Fells

Wolf on the Fells is an entertaining Historical Fantasy novel that is suitable for Historical Fantasy lovers. The author successfully showcases the amazing growth and healing of the protagonist as he prepared to move on with his life. Also, the author’s evocative writing and well-developed characters contribute to the emotional depth of the narrative.

The themes of friendship and resilience are beautifully portrayed making the story compelling and memorable. Astrom’s attention to detail in describing both the characters’ emotions and the physical setting enhances the readers’ connection to the narrative. Furthermore, the author’s writing style is compelling, drawing readers into the characters’ emotions and dilemmas.

In terms of imagery, the author did a good job by masterfully crafting vivid imagery to evoke the emotional turmoil experienced by little Jakob and Rasmus.

This one historical Fantasy book is really worth checking out if you are into paranormal creatures, fantasy, and Historical fantasy.

About The Author Of Wolf on the Fells

August Astrom is an amateur writer, singer-songwriter, and linguist. He enjoys epics and folk legends from all over the world, but draws most of his inspiration from living life, listening to people, and taking impromptu adventures to wherever he can. His favorite writers are Hemingway, Hamsun, De Cervantes, and anyone who doesn’t considers themself a ‘writer’, but writes anyway.

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