September 22, 2023
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Muhammad Rahim

Thanks for your review. I know that book reviewing is a daunting task. After I received the review, I felt that the reviewer had carefully read all the details in the book and had a clear understanding of the social, economic, and political background of the countries involved before writing the review. The reviewer correctly analyzed the title of the subject and showed how the title explains the subject matter.
I am glad that the reviewer placed the review in a framework that made sense for the readers to “take” on the book. The reviewer provided some information about the author and the circumstances of the text’s production. The reviewer made a logical and sensible analysis of the work of Khuda Buksh. I have received several reviews before, but this review made a huge difference in the review quality. I was a little surprised that the quote “what a lovely man he was . . . I must say.” was extracted from the book to reflect the personality of Khuda Buksh- the wizard of insurance. It is noteworthy.
Bottom line: The reviewer is highly experienced and professional, and I would highly recommend using the expertise of Book Nerdection for any book review.