September 30, 2023

Sponsored Book listing Policy

Please read through our Guidelines before submitting, thank you.

Want your book to be listed on our page?

We usually plan making these listing over a long period of time, a lot of these lists are made from prior knowledge, was it by reading the Books or researching about them before we even consider listing them. Our website pride itself by making a well researched list for our visitors.

if you want your book listed on our website there is some certain steps that should be made.

We need enough information about the book to make a proper list that is tailored toward your book. that information could be attained by reading the book, or reading other critics, reviewers or readers opinion about the book.

we need to form a list of similar books that we can list them along the desired book, so these too need a similar level of effort too.

so as you can see, our lists takes a lot of time and effort to make.

We get a lot of requests for listing books on our website, so we decided to make this service available to those who really would make use of it as a sponsored book Listing.

by sponsoring a certain list your book will be featured in a list of books Which is SEO Optimized to drive traffic from search engine to the list.

The List contain At least 10 Books, and your book will be at the top of the list highlighted as a sponsored Book.

The Sponsored List Costs: $14.99

Books we Accept?

We Accept most genres from Fiction to non-fiction. However we don’t Accept political Books, religion books or that contains a lot of sexual explicitly in them. if for some reason we can’t List your book, a refund will be issued and you will be informed of the sponsored listing being canceled.

How long does it take for your Sponsored Book List to be featured on Our website?

From 1 Week up to a month depending on the amount of books we have to work on.


We have the right to decline any book we think is not suitable for our website.


We accept payment through PayPal currently.


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Sponsored Book Listing

Price: $29.99