September 30, 2023
Book Reviews Fantasy SCI-FI

The Elements of Time An Exciting Journey into a Magical World

If you love fantasy and adventure, you must read The Elements of Time. Follow two high school friends into a world rich with.

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Book Reviews Non-Fiction Self improvement

My Parent Has MS: The Only Powerful Guide You Need

Parents are one of the greatest blessings in this world, but sometimes and regrettably these blessings slowly disappear due to diseases, problems, and.

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Audiobooks Book Reviews Mystery Romance

Dead Man’s Pose: A Thrilling Novel Exposing Sydney’s dark underbelly (Audio Book Review)

Savasana, a pose intended to relax the tension from one’s body at the end of their yoga practice, lays Mario Vincenti’s body to.

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Book Reviews Dystopian SCI-FI

The Challenger: Best YA Scifi with Great Characters

Reading about young adults standing up for their rights, and then toppling over governments, is something I find very exciting. Therefore, I loved.

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Book Reviews Historical Fiction Romance

Deflected By Swapnonil Banerjee and Nivedita Majumdar

If you’re looking for a historical romance with a twist, Deflected is the book for you. It is clear from the start that.

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Book Reviews Romance

The Love Genes by Claudia J. Severin: Romance done right

The truth lay within the DNA's silent code, exposing an unexpected betrayal. Her family tree, shared online to aid others, unwittingly attracted those.

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Book Reviews Fantasy

Day Bringer by J. S. R. VARMA: For Fans of Mythologies in Urban settings

Mythology and the idea of higher beings have fascinated humans for as long as there have been stars in the sky. We have.

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Book Reviews Fantasy

Wolf on the Fells by August Astrom: An Entertaining Historical Fantasy

Wolf on the fells by August Astrom is a Historical Fantasy novel published on February 24, 2023. In the Norwegian Country of Finnmark,.

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Book Reviews Graphic Novels

A Look at Spider-Man: Kraven ’s Last Hunt

There are very few comic books that have the gravitas, eloquence, and sheer genius storytelling that the Spider-Man story that we are going.

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Adventure Book Reviews SCI-FI


Author: Raymond Graf Genre: Science Fiction Adventures Year Published: 2021 Nerdection Rating: “Nerdection Good Read” Are you searching for a good book and.

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