May 29, 2023

Book Review Policy

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Please read through our Guidelines before submitting, thank you.

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Are you a writer and want your book to be reviewed by our team and be featured on Book Nerdection?

Hello there dear Author,

We here on Book Nerdection Love reading books and reviewing them, as a professional platform with professionally hired members we would love to give your book the attention it deserves. so here are some simple guidelines that you might want to read before reaching out to us.

Books we Accept?

We Accept most genres from Fiction to non-fiction. However, we do not accept political, religious-themed books, Erotica, or poetry for the moment.

We Accept E-Books in general, if you want to send a physical book please reach us at our contact form below and we will get back to you with an address to ship your book.

Indie and self published books.

Please understand that we can’t review online written stories on Wattpad, Royal Road, and other similar platforms.

However, we do accept self-published books if they have a wide reach and can be easily obtained by the readers.

How long does it take for your book to be reviewed and featured on Our website?

We like to give our reviewers the time to fully read and understand the book before attempting to write a review. so it may take approximately Two weeks to a month for a review to be posted.


we use a scale out of 5 for our reviews, books that get 5/5 are considered a Must read and get “Nerdection Must read” Seal of approval. Books that get 4/5 are considered worth reading and get “Nerdection Worth to read” seal of approval. Books that get 3/5 are considered a good read and get “Nerdection good Read” seal of approval. We don’t feature Books that get less than 3/5 on our website unless you want to be roasted by us.


We have the right to decline to review any book we think is not suitable for our website, we also might stop reading books halfway and cancel reviewing them if we think they might get anything under a 3/5 by our rating standards. so please don’t feel bad if we can’t feature your book on our website, and maybe try harder next time, or find another platform that might appreciate your work more.


As a Professional Platform, we ask for a fee for your book to be reviewed, that fee goes to the reviewers working on your book and a cut goes to the website itself to maintain it. so please make sure you are willing to pay before reaching out to us. we accept payment through PayPal currently.


  • Regular Book Review (4 Weeks – 6 Weeks) – $59.99 
  • Express Book Review (2 Weeks – 4 Weeks) – $79.99

*Prices are subject to change

What are you getting?

The review service includes but is not limited to:

  • Your book is being reviewed by a professional reviewer.
  • We offer an Honest Review.  
  • A Permanent page on our website, that you can share with your readers and followers.
  • Links to your book for our website visitors to purchase the book.
  • The review will be shared through our social media (Instagram – Twitter – Pinterest – Linkedin) and it will be permanently there.
  • A portion of the Review will be shared on Good Reads under our Book Nerdection Account.
  • An Author Section at the end of the book review featuring the author and a link to your website or social media. 
  • A dedicated seal of approval from our website for your book depending on how many stars we gave the book upon reviewing it.

If you have any inquiries you can reach us by Email at:

Please fill out the form below, after we get your book and decide to review it, we will contact you Via Email to confirm the Order.

(You should receive a replay within 2 Business days, please check your spam folder if you haven’t)

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