March 31, 2023
Book Reviews SCI-FI

SYMUTAL By Dean Alexandrou: An Exciting SciFi for AI obsessed readers

In this jaw dropping sci-fi book SYMUTAL, Dean Alexanderou challenges the limits of what Artificial Intelligence will become in the future. Oh, and

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Book Reviews Children's Book Educational

Pebbles and The Biggest Number by Joey Benun: It’s here!

Pebbles and the biggest number feature a diligent butterfly named Pebbles. He is tired of counting small numbers in his garden. It's always

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Book Reviews Fantasy SCI-FI

Gone Where The Goblins Go by Matt Betts: A Startling Scifi

Obsessed scientists, strange mythical creatures, and a father creating kites to sum it all up. That's 'Gone Where The Goblins Go' but not

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Book Reviews Fiction

The Space Between Dreaming: Discover This Beautiful Women’s Fiction Today!

The Space Between Dreaming, by Cherie Burbach is a women's fiction with the potential of a self-help book. It's take on art, healing

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Fantasy Romance Series Review

The Iron Fey Series: Exclusive Review With Reading Order

The Iron Fey is a YA fantasy series that started in 2010. Written by Julie Kagawa, this internationally acclaimed saga is a must

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Biography Book Reviews Fiction History

The Immigrant’s Journey : A Must Read In Big Life Transitions

The Immigrant's Journey is the kind of book meant to inspire everybody; young and old. Written by Roger Andersen, I found it very

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Book Reviews Mystery SCI-FI

New Sci-fi Novel ‘End Man’ By Alex Austin: A Review

Hello Sci-fi lovers! What is the thing you most like about science fiction books? Advanced technologies, strange corporations, and brainy villains are what

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Fantasy Fiction Series Review

Winternight Trilogy: Best Fairytale With Love, War and Magic

To give your winter a perfect magical vibe, we got your back with a new book rec. The Winternight Trilogy is an adult

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Book Reviews Fiction Thriller

Death’s Pale Flag: A Great Contemporary Fiction About Mental Health

Death's Pale Flag is a contemporary fiction novel written by Gary Simonds. It follows the story of a neurosurgeon whose life starts to

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Adventure Book Reviews Fantasy

Mistborn: The Final Empire -An Epic Fantasy By Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn is an epic fantasy trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. The Final Empire is the first part of the Mistborn series. It follows a

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