May 29, 2023
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Rise Of Ancients: A Unique Modern-Day Greek Mythology Tale

For the Greek mythology fanatics, Allen Rebot has written an impeccable contemporary adventure thriller named Rise of Ancients. The amalgam of modern-day Chicago where one of the Greek Gods is going to wreak havoc together with a phenomenal

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Mika Mathews’s The Silver Coin (The Oaths Of Dante#1): An Epic Blend Of Magic And Mythology

A powerful protagonist with rare magic is what usually happens in fantasy. Not in The Silver Coin though. Mika Mathew's first installment of the Oaths of Dante series takes the opposite approach to Greek mythology. Here you will

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Mika Mathews’s The Golden Apple (The Oaths of Dante#2): A Lore of Love and Lies

We have exciting news for Greek mythology lovers! Mika Mathew's The Golden Apple, the second installment of The Oaths of Dante series, Is now available for you to read. It's a superb coming of age story that's richly


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Fantasy Books, Where And How Did They Came To Be?

I have been reading fantasy books since I was just a little girl, and I have loved every minute of it! But did you know that fantasy novels have only been around for about 100 years? The first