May 29, 2023
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Mistborn: The Final Empire -An Epic Fantasy By Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn is an epic fantasy trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. The Final Empire is the first part of the Mistborn series. It follows a dystopian theme with a unique magic system and an amazing set of characters. After the

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Child of a Vanquished Isle by Talia Martini – Can peace be found after unforgivable violence?

Author: Talia Martini Genre: Epic Fantasy Year Published: 2023 Nerdection Rating: “Nerdection Wort to read” Four forces combine to challenge the enslavement of the Indarrans by an oppressive ruler. Sacrificing everything down to one’s one life for downtrodden

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Best Epic Fantasy Novels of All Time For teens

Young adult audiences adore epic fantasy because of its grandiose plots, nuanced characters, and vivid environments. Check out these top selections for the greatest epic fantasy Novels for teens if you enjoy this genre or are seeking for